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Lenore White is a recurring character in the series played by Natalie Wachen. She debuts in the second season's premiere episode, "21".


Lenore is the wife of Chalky White and the mother of his children Lester, Maybelle and Adeline. Unlike her husband, she is a "high yellow" - an educated, light skinned African American born in a family of wealth and social status

Season 2[]

Lenore offers Nucky and Eli something to eat when they visit Chalky at his home after his altercation with the Ku Klux Klan in February 1921, but they decline. Chalky then comments that he wants to speak with them in private, compelling Lenore and their son Lester to leave. ("21")

Lenore visits Chalky in jail after his arrest. She tells him that their daughter Maybelle wants to invite her beau Samuel Crawford for dinner at the family home; Chalky replies that maybe in a few days. She also tells him that Lester wanted to see him in jail, which Chalky doesn't approve, and that he has given her a book for Chalky to read in his cell - David Copperfield. When Lenore leaves, Dunn Purnsley whistles and insults her, in order to provoke Chalky into a fight. ("Ourselves Alone")

Chalky finally reunites with his children two months later. During breakfast he learns from Maybelle that Lenore has organized a dinner with Samuel for the next day. Chalky accepts the fait accompli and declares that he has "been craving Hoppin' John since the Moon was blue". However, when dinner comes Lenore does not serve Hoppin' John, but duck with peas and carrots. Chalky, who has been drinking and feels that his power among the city's black community is decreasing after his arrest, does not take it well and gets in a discussion with Lenore, making Maybelle cry and prompting Samuel to offer to leave. Chalky shuts him down and tells Samuel to stay in the house, throwing a last dart at Lenore when he says that it is him, Chalky himself, who should stay out because he is a "field nigger" and does not fit inside the house. After dinner, Lenore, Maybelle and Samuel hear Lester play the piano while Chalky works with wood in the garage. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Season 4[]

He accompanies Maybelle, Samuel and Samuel's parents to the Onyx club to specifically show it to Samuel's parents.



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