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Lester White, played by Justiin A. Davis, is a recurring character in Boardwalk Empire's Season 2.



Lester is the eldest child of Chalky and Lenore White and their only son. He is a good student and an accomplished piano player. He is expected to join Morehouse College in 1923. ("21")

Season 2[]

Lester is playing the piano when Nucky and Eli Thompson visit Chalky at his home to discuss his recent altercation with the Ku Klux Klan. The two guests praise his talent. ("21")

After Chalky is arrested, Lester sends him a copy of David Copperfield to entertain himself by way of his mother. ("Ourselves Alone")

Lester is the first of Chalky's children to know that his father has left jail after being bailed out by Nucky's lawyer, Isaac Ginsburg. While the family has breakfast, he mocks his youngest sister, Adeline, for asking Chalky to correct her homework, implying that Lester is actually aware of Chalky's illiteracy. Lenore tells Lester to not taunt his father, but Chalky writes it off saying that "he knows who brings the bacon". Lester also connects well with his sister Maybelle's beau, Samuel Crawford, and sits between him and his mother during their first dinner together. After finishing the dinner without Chalky, Lester entertains Samuel and the rest of his family playing the piano. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Season 3[]

He offers to lend Maybelle a book of poems by Claude McKay. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")



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