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Laszlo “Lolly” Steinman is the manager of a casino in Atlantic City. Steinman is played by Danny Burstein.



Laszlo Steinman was born to a Hungarian Jewish family, he became the manager of a casino on the boardwalk of Atlantic City. Nucky Thompson is an investor in Steinman's casino. Steinman pays Nucky Thompson for protection and buys alcohol from Nucky's organisation.

Season 1[]

When New York crime boss Arnold Rothstein visits the casino and wins enough money to break the house Steinman calls Nucky. Steinman believes Rothstein has been cheating but is aware of his reputation and chooses to leave it to Nucky to intervene. ("Boardwalk Empire")

Steinman is linked to Nucky in a report by Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden. Nucky brings his girlfriend Lucy Danziger to the casino for an evening out. ("The Ivory Tower")

The casino is robbed by the D'Alessio brothers in June 1920 as part of an ongoing feud between Nucky and Rothstein. The brothers arrive before the take is due to be collected by Nucky's brother Atlantic County Sheriff Eli Thompson. They hold the customers and staff at gunpoint and tie them up. They have Lolly wait for Eli. Eli arrives and is ambushed by the robbers. He is shot and wounded when he reaches for his gun. ("Hold Me in Paradise") Steinman and Eli are able to identify the brothers despite their use of masks. ("Belle Femme")

Season 2[]

In season 2 Lolly is tempted to change his loyalty when Nucky feuds with the Commodore. Lolly is annoyed that he is unable to get enough alcohol from Nucky and the effect on his profits. Nucky asks Lolly to hire Irish immigrant Owen Sleater as a barman. Sleater intervenes when Lolly tries to buy alcohol from Richard Harrow and Lolly reluctantly stays loyal to Nucky. ("A Dangerous Maid")

Season 3[]

Nucky goes missing and Eddie Kessler calls around looking for him. He tries Lolly, who has not seen him. Nucky emerges later, having been forced to hide out from prohibition agents. ("Blue Bell Boy")

Season 4[]

After the peace meeting convenes between Nucky, Rothstein and Joe Masseria, Nucky tells Rothstein that Lolly is expecting him at the casino. And as a gesture of good will, Nucky orders Lolly to let him play all that he wants. ("New York Sour")


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