The "Lost Battalion" was the nickname for the 308th Infantry Regiment of the 77th Division, American Expeditionary Force during World War I. It gained fame as the unit that was cut off from the main American force in October 1918, during the Battle if the Meuse-Argonne. The fight in the Argonne was the bloodiest battle the United States Army has ever fought, claiming over 117,000 Americans killed or wounded. The 308th, numbering around 500 men, was under the command of Major Charles Whittlesey, held off attacks by over 2,000 German troops. The 308th was tasked with capturing the Charlevout Mill, but the supporting American units failed to advance to their objectives, and the battalion was separated from the main body of troops. For three days Whittlesey and his men withstood shelling, infantry attacks, bombings and flamethrower assaults, until American reinforcements caught up with them. Whittlesey was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and many of his troops received other decorations. In the series the Al Capone claims that he fought with the Lost Battalion, and that his face was scarred fighting a German soldier.

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