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The Luciano crime family, originally known as the Masseria crime family, is a Sicilian crime family originally led by Sicilian mafia boss Joe Masseria from the 1920s to 1931.

Masseria was murdered by Benjamin Siegel and Tonino Sandrelli in 1931 on orders of Lucky Luciano, whom took over the family and renamed it in his honor. Luciano had switched sides to the Maranzano family during the Castellammarese War prior to the murder. Over the following months after Masseria's death, Luciano and his family began their own power play for control of New York City. Under his reign, Lucky utilized his partner Meyer Lansky's hitmen, who were all of Jewish-Italian ancestry, and served both him and Lansky valiantly. After a war with Atlantic City crime boss Nucky Thompson, The Luciano family gained control over Atlantic City, as well as acquired lucrative gambling and bootlegging deals in Cuba. After the murder of Salvatore Maranzano, Luciano gathered the heads of other crime families of new york, buffalo, and chicago, abolished Maranzano's "Boss of all Bosses" title, and hence "The Commission" was formed.

By the end of 1931, the Lucianos were the most powerful mafia organization in America.








Business Fronts[]


  • The Luciano family would later be known as the modern day Genovese family, after Lucky Luciano's former underboss Vito Genovese took over as boss.