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Rifle Springfield M1903

The M1903 Springfield was the standard rifle of the US Army during the first decades of the 20th century, although it shared this role with the British-made M1917 Enfield during the American intervention in World War I.


The M1903 was designed and adopted in the wake of the Philippine-American War, where the performance of the Norwegian Krag-Jorgensen rifle used till then by the US Army was found to be inferior to the Spanish Mauser used by the insurgents. The M1903 would remain in service for three decades.

In the first years before the entry of the United States in World War I, many American factories produced British Enfields to sell to the Entente side (trade with Germany was impossible since it was blockaded and the government of Woodrow Wilson was anglophile anyway). When the US finally entered the war on the Entente side in 1917, it was found easier to just issue modified versions of the Enfield that fired American Springfield bullets than to divert these factories to the production of Springfield rifles. Thus the American Expeditionary Force used both Enfields and Springfields.

Season 2[]

As Jimmy Darmody dies, he has a vision of himself going over the trench armed with his M1903. ("To the Lost")

Season 3[]

Some of Chalky White's men are armed with M1903 rifles when Gyp Rosetti goes to Chicken Bone Beach searching for Nucky Thompson in June 1923. ("Two Imposters")


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