Maranzano's man is a minor character that appears in the episode Friendless Child in the episode Eli Thompson and his men visit then kill Maranzano's man's boss Salvatore Maranzano Maranzano's man along with Maranzano's Man 2 guard the entrance to the room where Maranzano is in. When Eli and Luciano's men come in Eli gives Maranzano's man 1 a briefcase. After Maranzano is killed it is revealed that Luciano's men killed both of Maranzano's men 1 and 2 (Maranzano's man 1 is seen with his throat slit and Maranzano's man 2 is seen with a gun shot wound on his forehead) and one of Eli's henchmen (most likely the killer of both men) has the briefcase Eli gave to Maranzano's man. Eli then leaves with Luciano's men leaving the bodys of Maranzano and Maranzano's men 1 and 2.

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