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Distant view of Margate, as seen on "Gimcrack and Bunkum".

Margate City, often shortened to Margate, is a beach town located on Absecon Island, New Jersey and directly south of Atlantic City. In 1920 it was a small (249 inhabitants) but rapidly growing housing area inhabited by members of Atlantic City's upper class. Margate is also the location of Lucy the Elephant, a 1881, six-story wooden structure originally used as a hotel, and Marven Gardens, of Monopoly board game fame.


Margate was first incorporated as a borough of Atlantic City with the name of South Atlantic City on September 7, 1885. It was reincorporated as a city on April 23, 1897 and again on April 20, 1909 under its new name of Margate City.

Season 1[]

Margaret Schroeder considers moving to Margate to work in a shop after breaking up with Nucky Thompson in late 1920, but ultimately decides to go back to him. ("A Return to Normalcy")

Season 2[]

Nucky and Margaret move to a three-story house in Margate between seasons 1 and 2after their recontiliation, as evidenced by the letters addressed to them afterwards ("A Dangerous Maid", "Spaghetti and Coffee", Ging Gang Goolie)

Nelson Van Alden suggests to his wife Rose to visit Lucy the Elephant in Margate when she visits Atlantic City on February 12, 1921, but she declines. ("21")

Margate can be seen in the distance during the ceremony for Memorial Day, 1921. ("Gimcrack and Bunkum")

Season 3[]

After the land deal fiasco, Margaret continues living in the Margate house with the children while Nucky returns to his suite in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel of Atlantic City. This situation lasts until May 1923, when Gyp Rosetti attempts to kill Nucky by setting off a bomb in Babette's Supper Club and Margaret and the children are moved to the Ritz for their own safety. Since they leave immediately for Brooklyn when Margaret discovers Owen Sleater's body in a box on June 22, they never go back to Margate. ("Resolution", "The Pony", "Two Imposters")

Margate is referenced on the title of the last episode of Season 3, "Margate Sands".


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