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Max Hirsch, played by Robert Dorfman, is a horse trainer. He is based on the real trainer of the same name.



Hirsch was born in Fredericksburg, Texas on July 2, 1880. She became one of the most successful trainers in Thoroughbred horse racing history. He spent part of his formative years working as a groom and jockey at Morris Ranch in Gillespie County, Texas. Hirsch conditioned horses for various owners.

Season 2[]

At a stable Hirsch meets with his employer Arnold Rothstein. Rothstein’s assistant stands behind the pair. Hirsch has been impressed with the form of Rothstein's horse Sidereal, who remains a relative unknown. Rothstein expects to net large winnings by making Sidereal a late entry on the busy 4 July 1921 race day at the Aqueduct Racetrack. He expects to ensure long odds with the late entry with an unknown horse. He will sustain the odds by surreptitiously betting through intermediaries. He believes that concealing his large bets while the bookmakers are too distracted to properly adjust the odds will keep them in his favour; a scheme he calls unorthodox but not illegal. Hirsch jokingly compares Rothstein to a spider charming a fly. Rothstein notes that Hirsch has also been known to spin webs. Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky arrive and Rothstein introduces them to Hirsch and tells them that Sidereal will be racing soon. Hirsch objects, saying that the horse has not yet been entered; Rothstein asks Hirsch if they can continue to talk about it. Hirsch jokes that Rothstein will talk while he will listen and then exits.


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