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May 30, 1923 is a date featured in the series, covering Season 3's eleventh episode "A Man, A Plan..." except for the very end which takes place early in the next day.


In Atlantic City[]


King Neptune opening the Summer season in the Atlantic City beach on June 21, 1923.

In Chicago[]

  • George Mueller sells aquavit to Norwegian-run businesses in Al Capone's territory until he is apprehended by his men. Capone gives him the choice to be his mole in Dean O'Banion's camp.

In New York City[]

  • Arnold Rothstein refuses to take part in Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky's latest heroin deal on account of the climate of war between Thompson and Masseria.
  • Luciano and Lansky cut an alternative deal with Joe Masseria. To seal it, they inform him that Nucky Thompson plans to move against him.

In Washington, DC[]

In Tabor Heights[]

  • Gyp Rosetti is informed that his supply ships lost a dozen crates of whiskey the previous night.
  • Bill McCoy becomes Gyp Rosetti's supplier.
  • Gyp Rosetti kills Tonino Sandrelli's cousin, Franco, for talking back to him.

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