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Maybelle White (played by Christina Jackson) is the eldest daughter of Chalky White and Lenore White. She resided in Atlantic City with her parents, where her desire to assimilate into the black upper-class culture frequently clashed with her father's rough edges. She was mistakenly killed by Richard Harrow in an assassination attempt gone wrong.

Character Biography[]


Maybelle was the daughter of Atlantic City bootlegger and black community leader Chalky White. She lived in his home with her mother Lenore White, older brother Lester White and younger sister Adeline White. She was seeing a boy named Samuel. ("Ourselves Alone")

Season 2[]

Maybelle has her beau Samuel visit the house for dinner. She is embarrassed and cries when Chalky becomes enraged at the dinner table because Lenore has not served what he asked for. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Season 3[]

Samuel Crawford gets Chalky White's permission to marry Maybelle. Chalky returns home to find that Maybelle is less enthusiastic about the marriage. She is unsure if she truly loves Samuel and knows that she does not want to settle down with him. Chalky insists that she must marry him for the good of the family, because of his prospects as an educated man. She questions the beginnings of his own marriage and wonders about meeting someone more interesting, like Chalky himself. He is frustrated and orders her to marry Samuel.

Maybelle brings Samuel to Chalky's Honky Tonk to see "The Little Professor" James Scott. He tries to confront her about her feelings but is interrupted by the boisterous dancers. He asks them to watch what they are doing and a man slashes his face with a switchblade. Dunn Purnsley promptly beats the knife wielder to a bloody pulp. He checks that Samuel can walk and asks him to take Maybelle home. Samuel insists on treating the man that attacked him. Maybelle is visibly shaken by the violence and Chalky forcefully asks if she still finds him interesting. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")

Season 4[]

After her engagement to Samuel is called off, she is brought to a parlay meeting at the Onyx Room between her father and his rival, Dr. Valentin Narcisse. She was mistakenly shot in the head and killed by Richard Harrow in an assassination attempt on Narcisse gone wrong.



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