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Mickey's delivery boy, played by co-star James Hosey, is a minor character in the third season episode "Bone for Tuna". He works for Atlantic City bootlegger Mickey Doyle.



He works for bootlegger Mickey Doyle as a delivery boy for his Atlantic City warehouse.

Season 3[]

Mickey publicly pretends that he was responsible for the murder of his business partner Manny Horvitz in order to intimidate a rural customer named Elmer into paying a higher price. The delivery boys listens intently to the exchange. When he drops off a crate to The Artemis Club he repeats what he heard to the bartender Richard Harrow. ("Bone for Tuna")

Mickey sends him to deliver alcohol to Arnold Rothstein in New York, telling him to stop the convoy for nothing except gas in Tabor Heights. He ignores Eli Thompson when he tries to flag him down to warn about an ambush. The convoy drivers, including the delivery boy, are massacred by Gyp Rosetti's people on reaching Tabor Heights. ("Blue Bell Boy")


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