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Real Life Mickey Doyle.

Mickey Duffy (1888 - August 30, 1931) was a Prohibition era gangster whom inspired Boardwalk Empire's Mickey Doyle.

Similarities between Mickey Doyle and Mickey Duffy[]

  • Mickey Duffy also did most of his business in Atlantic City
  • Duffy & Doyle were both born in Philadelphia to Polish Immigrants in 1888
  • Mickey Duffy also did numbers and bootlegging, making huge profits as Doyle did.

Differences between Mickey Doyle & Mickey Duffy[]

  • Mickey Doyle is played as an "Under The Leash" Character whereas, Mickey Duffy was a major figure in Philadelphia and Atlantic City, and was a "Boss" figure.
  • Mickey Duffy was never approached by Lucky Luciano, Al Capone or even Nucky Johnson. Even though Johnson (who Nucky's character is loosely based on) was a Bootlegger in Atlantic City, Duffy never did business or met him.
  • Mickey Duffy was associated with The Irish Mob whereas, Doyle was mixed up with American born Italian and Polish crime figures.