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Miss Wheatley

"Miss Wheatley" was the favorite toy of Emily Schroeder during the first half of 1921. It was burned along with the rest of her belongings after she was diagnosed with polio on early July.


Season 2[]

Margaret finds Miss Wheatley over Emily's bed while she is collecting her daughter's items to burn them as a precaution. She seizes it and is taken aback for a moment before throwing it with the rest. Lillian and Katy then burn the doll along with the rest of the objects in a bonfire in the backyard while Margaret and Teddy watch from a window in the house. As the doll begins to catch flame, Teddy asks if Emily is going to die like their father, which Margaret negates effusively. ("Battle of the Century")

Margaret and Nucky give a new doll to Emily when they are allowed to visit her at the Atlantic City Children's Hospital by the end of the month. Emily asks about Miss Wheatley's whereabouts but Margaret only replies that the new doll is Miss Wheatley's sister. ("Georgia Peaches")


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