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A mortician, played by co-star Christopher McCann, is a supporting character in "Battle of the Century". As Nucky examines embalming equipment in the corner of his mortuary basement he stands in the entrance to the basement behind Nucky. A coffin Nucky has brought with him stands closed next to the gruesome display. The mortician asks if Nucky is American and Nucky confirms this. He asks permission for an additional question and Nucky tilts his chin in acceptance. The mortician asks for Nucky’s opinion regarding Carpentier’s chances in the fight. Nucky believes Dempsey’s weight advantage makes him a clear favourite. The mortician calls Carpentier a puncher, citing his win over British champion Joe Beckett. Nucky dismisses Beckett as a bum and the mortician is offended, saying there is no call for casting aspersions. A door is heard opening upstairs and Sleater descends with Irish Republican Army (IRA) fundraiser John McGarrigle and his driver. The mortician remains in the room while Nucky and McGarrigle discuss trading arms for liquor and Nucky reveals that the coffin is full of Thompson machine guns.


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