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Mumbo the Zulu Warrior, played by co-star Spelman M. Beaubrun, is a supporting character in "Belle Femme". He is an actor appearing in a sideshow attraction at the Atlantic City Boardwalk in July 1920.

Season 1[]

Mumbo entertains the tourists in the Boardwalk while a barker advertizes his presence to the crowd, pretending to be a fierce African warrior. The barker advices the bystanders to stay back if they don't want to suffer Mumbo's wrath, describing him as the "tribal chieftain of the Zulu, from the dark continent of Africa. Raised among lions and every bit as fierce", and claims that the Zulu have a thirst for human blood.

Nucky Thompson and Margaret Schroeder see the act and laugh at it as they exit Babette's Supper Club.


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