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Nate's death.

Nate Honig, played by Lee Zarrett, is a minor character in the third season premiere "Resolution". He is a thief.



He is involved in the robbery of Mickey Doyle's warehouse, working with wheelman Rowland Smith. They get away safely but Nate is later captured by Mickey's boss Nucky Thompson

Season 3[]

Nucky's enforcer Manny Horvitz brings Nate to an apartment on Fourth and Royal and beats him up. Nucky arrives to interrogate him and says that he is not angry because he was just doing his job as a thief. Nucky blames Mickey for leaving the warehouse unattended, lulling Nate into a false sense of security. Nate gives up his partner's name, Rowland Smith. Nucky coolly orders Manny to kill him and leaves. Manny ignores Nate's screamed pleas for mercy and shoots him in the head. ("Resolution")

Nucky later tracks Smith down. Smith says it is a shame that Nate was killed and believes that he was murdered by Prohibition Agents. Nucky kills Smith personally. ("Blue Bell Boy")


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