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Seal of the New Jersey State Police.

The New Jersey State Police is a police force with jurisdiction over the whole US state of New Jersey.



A member of the New Jersey State Police arresting Nucky Thompson.

Although plans for the creation of the NJSP go back to 1914, it wasn't until 1921 when the force was created under the auspices of Governor Edward Edwards. Its first superintendent was then US Army Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf, a veteran of World War I who personally trained the first 81 officers and troopers.

Season 2[]

Following Governor Edwards' order (who is an ally of the Commodore) the New Jersey State Police arrests Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson on February 13, 1921 under charges of fraud in the Atlantic City 1920 local election ("21"). The hand behind is obvious to Nucky's lawyer, Isaac Ginsburg. ("Ourselves Alone")

Season 3[]

The New Jersey State Police seizes Tabor Heights in the aftermath of the unsuccessful assassination attempt against Gyp Rosetti in the Kinneret Lodge by Benny Siegel in February 1923, that results in four deaths, including local waitress Roberta and a paper boy. The NJSP Superinendent, Colonel Norman Schwarzkopf even takes Sheriff Ramsey's office for himself while doing an investigation. Nevertheless, the NJSP leaves town by the end of March without having caught either Siegel or Rosetti. ("Ging Gang Goolie")


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Artistic License[]

In reality the State Police Bill that created the NJSP was passed on March 29, 1921. The first class reported for training on September 1, and graduated three months later, in December. The arrest of Nucky in the show by the NJSP in mid-February 1921 is therefore anachronistic by a few months.