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Odette (played by Maggie Steele) is a prostitute from Chicago.


Season 1[]


Jimmy introducing Odette to Richard.

Odette is a prostitute in Johnny Torrio's Four Deuces brothel in Chicago, Illinois. She is introduced to Richard Harrow by Jimmy Darmody, in an effort for Richard to lose his virginity. At first she is jarred by Richard's appearance, but almost immediately is able to get past his injury and mask in order to show him "how grateful the nation is for his sacrifice." (Home)

Richard has had a dream of Odette. In it, they're walking along the beach together as a happy and playful couple. His face is as it was before the war, and he is able to have a loving relationship with Odette. She runs and plays in the water before running up to Richard and screaming. The dream had turned into a nightmare and Odette's screams were faded into reality as the young Emily Schroeder stood over Richard crying and scared of his face. (The Emerald City)

Season 2[]

George Remus is encouraged to "go see Odette" after sealing an alcohol supply deal with Johnny Torrio. ("21")

Richard Harrow remains infatuated with Odette months after losing his virginity to her. When Al Capone visits Jimmy Darmody at his new home by the beach, he asks Capone how is Odette doing. Capone does not know he is talking at first, and then just replies "She is a whore. That's how she is." ("A Dangerous Maid")

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "I'm whatever you want me to be."
  • "I got a whole ticker-tape parade ready."



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