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The "Old Soldier" is an abandoned dog that lives in the Pine Barrens, some 30 miles from Atlantic City, New Jersey.



The "Old Soldier" is an old male dog, apparently with no owner, that lives by itself in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. Its severely scarred face and part of an ear missing identifies it as a probable former fighting dog, perhaps abandoned when it became too old or wounded to continue fighting. As of 1921 the "Old Soldier" has apparently met squirrel hunters Pete and Glenmore in the Pine Barrens several times over the years. The two hunters keep the dog around for company and feed him while they camp, but they are resolute that the "Old Soldier" does not belong to them.

Season 2[]

The "Old Soldier" encounters Richard Harrow in the woods on May 30, 1921 just as he is about to commit suicide with a Winchester Model 1912 rifle. Harrow tells it to go away but the dog takes his tin mask. When Harrow asks the dog to return it, he runs away with it instead, and Harrow decides to pursue it rather than killing himself.

Richard eventually loses track of the dog and is found by Glenmore, who orders Harrow to accompany him. As they walk into Glenmore's camp they find Pete and the "Old Soldier" barking. Despite Glenmore's protests, Pete hits the "Old Soldier" to make him shut up. Afterwards, Pete asks Glenmore to give Richard his mask back, which by now bears the marks of the dog's teeth. The three men have then a meal together.

Once finished, Harrow wonders what to do with the bones. Glenmore asks him not to give them to the dog because he will choke. Harrow pockets the bones and asks what the dog's name is; Glenmore says that he does not know, but describes the dog as an "old soldier" who keeps on fighting. When Harrow wonders what the dog is fighting for now, Glenmore merely replies that he'll "have to ask him." Afterwards, Glenmore implies indirectly that he knows what Harrow came to the woods for, and talks him into continuig living. ("Gimcrack & Bunkum")

Harrow continues to wear the mask with the marks left by the dog's teeth afterwards, even refusing a direct offer by Jimmy Darmody to fix it up at one point. ("Two Boats and a Lifeguard")


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