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This recap of "Ourselves Alone" will feature a detailed section on each scene of the episode.

Scene 1[]

Valentine's Day starts abruptly for Margaret when she wakes to news of Nucky's arrest for election fraud. While government agents are busy searching for evidence in Nucky's office, Margaret makes a bold choice to help him by disguising herself as a pregnant woman and going to Nucky's office, where she asks the investigators to use the bathroom.

In New York, Jimmy decides to expand his business visiting an old adversary Arnold Rothstein for a proposition. Unfortunately for Darmondy, Rothstein decides to pass but Charlie Luciano and Meyer Lansky wait in the wings to pitch their own business proposal for Jimmy over some poker.

With the arrest Nucky realizes his grip over Atlantic City is at risk as he tries to figure out which one of his own men betrayed him. The Commodore, newly emboldened by his early success lays out his own plans for taking back Atlantic City from Nucky. While Chalky White sits in an Atlantic City jail cell, arrested for his own protection ever since a white Klansman he shot died. He is visited by his wife but is also introduced to another inmate named Dunn Purnsley. Behind Dunn's big smiles and even bigger talk are treachery, deceit, and a jealous rage. Margaret is busy preparing the home for Nucky's big dinner with John McGarrigle a representative of the Irish political party Sein Fein. Owen Slater, McGarrigle's advance man, appears at the home to make sure everything is allright.

Back in New York, Jimmy partners up with Lansky and Luciano selling liquor as well as heroin. During the card game Jimmy observes Lansky and men representing Joe Masseria loudly argue over the rights and profits from the card room. This argument is further escalated when the two men confront Meyer's brash assistant named Benny upon leaving. The Commodore introduces Eli to the old guard, the men who helped build Atlantic City. After the dinner meeting with McGarrigle, Margaret advises Nucky that he needs to think clearly if he is to beat his new adversaries, and she reveals that she was able to retrieve Nucky's ledger book and some money from his office.

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