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An unnamed paperboy, played by co-star Daniel Marconi, is a minor character who appears in the third season episode of Boardwalk Empire "You'd Be Surprised". He delivers the evening edition newspapers in Tabor Heights, New Jersey.


Season 3[]

The paperboy enters the Tabor Heights diner as part of his route while Gyp Rosetti is sipping coffee with Arnold Rothstein and his second, Lucky Luciano. Gyp asks if the papers are from that same day and the boy answers affirmatively, clarifying that they are an evening edition. Gyp buys one but stops the boy before he can leave, noting that he said the paper was from that day but all the news are from the previous one. The paperboy stares back in confusion before Gyp laughs and says that he is teasing him. Gyp then tells him to add his room at the Kinneret Lodge, the 207, to his delivery route which rises Rothstein's interest.

Having reached an agreement with Rosetti's enemy Nucky Thompson, Rothstein sends Benny Siegel to the Kinneret Lodge the next night, posing as a paperboy. When Gyp's second Tonino notes that he isn't the one at the diner, Benny says that the other boy caught a fever and he is his substitute. Tonino lets Benny in and he attempts to kill Gyp, but is not successful. As he flees, Benny runs into the real paperboy by the main door, who pleads him to not shoot, but Benny kills him anyway.


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