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Patrick Thompson (born 1911) is the third son of June and Eli Thompson. He is played by Matthew Broadley. Patrick has 7 siblings.


Season 2[]

Patrick is eating breakfast with his father Eli, his brother Brian, and his grandfather Ethan. When their older brother Michael Thompson comes in to announce a visitor the younger boys leave the table. Ethan dies just moments later. ("Two Boats and a Lifeguard")

Patrick and his family attend Ethan's funeral on July 1 1921. ("Battle of the Century")

Patrick is playing with his sisters near the family home porch in the aftermath of Eli's mistrial in August 23, 1921. As Nucky and Eli talk, Patrick holds two of his sisters’ dolls out of their reach. Eli shouts at Patrick, warning him not to rip his pants. ("To the Lost")



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