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For the Season 4 character see Pauline (Season 4)

Pauline, played by Amy Warren, is a cook working at Margaret Schroeder's house in Season 2.



Pauline is married and has children. Her husband is jobless, making the whole family dependent on her salary. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Season 2[]

On July 2 1921 Emily Schroeder is diagnosed with polio and quarantined in the children's hospital. Margaret Schroeder, Katy and Lillian collect Emily’s things at her home. Margaret pauses when she finds Emily’s doll on her bed and then casts it into the basket with the rest of the contaminated items. Katy and Lillian wear masks to cover their faces and place the collected possessions on a bonfire outside. Margaret watches from the window with Teddy. Pauline comes downstairs with a case packed. Margaret asks where she is going and Pauline apologises. Margaret tries to reassure her that they are taking every precaution. Pauline says that she has to worry about her own children and leaves. Teddy watches the fire from the window as Emily’s favourite doll is consumed by the flames. ("Battle of the Century")


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