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Richard "Peg Leg" Lonergan, played by guest actor Patrick Carroll, is a minor character in the third season of Boardwalk Empire. He is based on the historical figure of the same name.



Lonergan was born on January 16, 1900 in Brooklyn, New York City. He was a New York racketeer and bootlegger involved with the White Hand gang.

Season 3[]

Nucky Thompson announces before the main bootleggers of the Northeast on December 31 1922 that he will not supply more alcohol to anyone but Arnold Rothstein, and that if someone wants to buy Atlantic City liquor it should be through him. NYC gangster Gyp Rosetti comments that it will be likely at a 50% increase, prompting Rothstein's man Charlie Luciano to answer that if he doesn't like Rothstein's prices he can always buy from Bill Lovett or Peg Leg Lonergan. Frankie Yale sides with Rosetti and says that Irish gangsters like those are unlikely to supply Italians. ("Resolution")

Peg Leg Lonergan is summoned by Nucky to the Ritz Carlton Hotel along with Lovett, Waxey Gordon, Yale, Meyer Lansky, Luciano and Rothstein (plus Johnny Torrio, who declines to attend) following the bombing of Babette's in May 1923 in an attempt to build a grand coalition against Gyp Rosetti and his boss, Joe Masseria. Nucky offers to divide the markets freed by George Remus' recent arrest and coexist in peace, as partners, regardless of their different ethnicities. Like the rest, Lonergan declines the offer following Arnold Rothstein's example. ("The Milkmaid's Lot")


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