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This recap of "Peg of Old" features a detailed section on each scene of the episode.

Scene 1[]

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey holds an open practice in a tent on the beach in Atlantic City. Dempsey’s sparring partner is bloodied; the two hug at the end of the round. A gaggle of reporters at the ringside question Dempsey. One asks about avoiding military service during World War I and another asks about his upcoming fight with Georges Carpentier in Jersey City on July 2. Dempsey is confident about his chances in the fight and claims that he has been training with the man who knocked Carpentier out in the first round of a fight in Paris. He asks his trainer Jack "Doc" Kearns to bring the pugilist on and midget boxer Carl Heely steps into the ring to everyone’s amusement. With Doc on the sidelines are Atlantic City Mayor Edward Bader and Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson; it was Nucky who invited Dempsey to train in Atlantic City. Heely, feigning a French accent, jokes with Dempsey and the crowd of reporters before posing for photographs. Dempsey leaves the ring and Nucky compliments his performance for the press. Nucky asks Dempsey to make a promotional appearance at Babette’s Supper Club on Friday to advertise the wireless broadcast of the fight. Bader explains that they will be charging $2.50 a ticket to listen to the fight live via the radio. Dempsey agrees on the condition that his trainer is on board. Nucky replies that with Doc expecting a 10% share of their takings he will gladly agree and Doc jokes about scientific progress. Nucky’s bodyguard and driver Owen Sleater waits by the car. A reporter from the Philadelphia Enquirer approaches with a final question – this one for Nucky rather than Dempsey and about the election rigging charges. The reporter has discovered that Nucky played golf with Attorney General Harry Daugherty on Memorial Day and wants to know what they discussed. Nucky claims they talked about sand traps on the Seaview golf course and has Dempsey drag the reporter away.

Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden enters his rented apartment to find his new daughter quiet and the baby’s mother Lucy Danziger in the kitchen. He asks where the baby is and Lucy explains that she is finally sleeping after crying all day. Van Alden asks if Lucy fed the baby and she is offended, telling him of course she did. He apologises, blaming a headache. Lucy asks how Van Alden’s discussion with his wife went and he explains he has been unable to reach her because she is visiting an Aunt in Milwaukee. Van Alden had agreed with Lucy to pay for her lodgings until the baby was born and then give her a lump sum of $3000 to give the baby up so he could raise it with his wife. Van Alden believes that he is being tested by God. Lucy reminds Van Alden that he owes her money and he says he does not have it. She asks if he means he does not have it now or does not have it at all and he responds that she is enjoying the phonograph he bought her. She turns off the music as the baby’s screams fill the apartment. She presses Van Alden about the money but he is distracted by the baby crying. He claims he cannot concentrate and leaves the apartment. Lucy follows him out of the apartment shouting about their terms. A neighbour yells for quiet and she angrily bangs on his door before going back inside.

Jimmy Darmody hosts a meeting at The Commodore’s house. Charlie Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Al Capone, Mickey Doyle and Richard Harrow are present. Capone urges Jimmy to get started but he wants to wait a little longer for Sheriff Eli Thompson to arrive. Luciano complains that Manny Horvitz has been chasing him for the $5000 he agreed to pay when held at gunpoint. Jimmy agrees to pay the money himself and calls it a gesture. Luciano does not see this as a favour and Lansky urges Jimmy to begin. Jimmy notes that a year ago he would not have been able to predict their current circumstances. Impatient, Luciano jokes that Lansky has begun shaving during that time. Jimmy lists there mentors and bosses, the current heads of organised crime Nucky Thompson, Arnold Rothstein, Johnny Torrio and Waxey Gordon and states that they all have problems that they rely on his guests to deal with. Luciano offers the sentiment that they do not need the older generation. Capone says that Luciano does not speak for all of them, calling him Salvatore. Luciano tells Capone to back off and Lansky reminds Luciano that they have come to listen. Jimmy begins to detail his arrangement with the Coast Guard and the opportunity it presents.

Gillian Darmody enters and announces Eli’s arrival. Eli complains that they have begun without him and Doyle jokes that his lateness is due to losing the keys to the jail. Jimmy introduces Eli to Capone, Luciano and Lansky. Luciano angrily recalls his earlier meetings with Eli when he was roughly questioned about a robbery. Gillian makes her exit, calling herself a geisha. Jimmy continues with his proposal to use Atlantic City as a port for bringing in contraband. Doyle reinforces the advantage of having the coast guard and the Sheriff’s department on their side. Capone points out that Torrio already has other supply routes from Canada via George Remus. Jimmy reminds Capone that Torrio is profiting from this and not Capone. Lansky asks about Jimmy’s plans for Nucky and Jimmy explains that he expects Nucky to go to prison on the election rigging charges and that his organisation will then accept Jimmy as its new leader. Jimmy explains the importance of public perception in Atlantic City. Capone believes fear will produce loyalty well enough but Jimmy disagrees. Capone reminds Jimmy of how they killed Charlie Sheridan in Chicago to take over his territory. Luciano is unimpressed by Capone’s story and points out that they all get their hands dirty. Annoyed, Capone asks if Luciano wants to count notches and the discussion descends into argument until Jimmy interrupts and reminds the others that they are in his city. Eli speaks up when Jimmy again talks about a political coup and urges Jimmy to kill Nucky. Eli is irritated by the useless competition between the young gangsters and at Nucky’s back room negotiating with lawyers and politicians. He believes the solution is simple. Jimmy urges Eli to discuss killing Nucky later, in private. Eli is insistent that they talk about it there and then and the others all believe Nucky has to be killed. Harrow asks Eli if he is willing to kill Nucky. Eli responds that he would be willing to let it happen. Capone offers to provide an assassin. Jimmy is dismayed and shakes his head as the others form the plan. Eli asks for Jimmy’s confirmation and Jimmy reluctantly agrees.

Van Alden enters his rooms at the post office and is surprised to find his desk occupied by a woman. Van Alden angrily asks for an explanation and demands to know where Agent Sawicki is. Sawicki emerges from behind a desk at the back of the room. Van Alden asks Sawicki who the woman is and Sawicki urges Van Alden to be quiet by telling him that she is talking to the Attorney General. The woman concludes her phone conversation and introduces herself and her team. She is Assistant US Attorney Esther Randolph and her men are her chief investigator Clifford Lathrop and two clerks, Pratt and Halsey. Van Alden demands to know why they are there and why they have taken over his office. She says that her investigation into Nucky’s election rigging takes precedence over his work. Lathrop points out that they have moved Van Alden’s things to another desk. Van Alden complains about the lack of notice. Randolph reminds him of the need for discretion regarding her team’s activities and he is offended, citing his oath of office. Van Alden finds an ashtray that does not belong to him on his new desk. Randolph instructs Lathrop to search Absecon bay for ballot boxes that one of their confidential witnesses claims were dumped there because they were filled with non-republican votes. Lathrop asks Van Alden where he might be able to buy wading boots for the search. Van Alden ignores the question and says they will be eaten alive. Lathrop misunderstands and Van Alden clarifies that he means they will not get a conviction. Randolph asks why and learns that he believes the level of corruption is insurmountable; she sarcastically dismisses his concern. Van Alden gives the ashtray to Pratt.

Margaret Schroeder visits Brooklyn, New York to see her estranged family. Their street is bustling with traders and their customers. She finds their apartment, removes her hat and knocks on the door. Her youngest sister Aylesh Rohan answers the door and gives a traditional Gaelic greeting. Margaret does not understand and Aylesh is disappointed, another Rohan sister, comes to the door and offers that Aylesh had practiced all day. Margaret correctly guesses that the older girl is Beth Rohan and surmises that the younger is Aylesh. Aylesh asks Margaret not to call her that and suggests Juliet when Margaret asks what she would prefer. A third sister, Nuala, enters as Beth goes to fetch Eamonn, their elder brother. Margaret asks Nuala if she recognises her and Nuala says that she does. Eamonn Rohan comes in and greets Margaret, calling her Peg. Margaret thanks Eamonn for replying to her letter and Nuala pointedly says that they could not abandon her, looking at Eamonn. Eamonn tells Aylesh to let Margaret in; Aylesh stands aside from the door and then closes it after Margaret walks through. Margaret presents Eamonn with a gift of taffy from the boardwalk. He remarks that he can get the same in Louanna Park; he looks at Nuala who nods at Margaret prompting him to tell Margaret that he is sure the taffy is grand and say thanks. Margaret smiles at her sisters. After a moment Eamonn suggests a hug and they do, awkwardly. Eamonn says they have prepared a roast dinner with potatoes and asks the girls to take Margaret’s hat and make her feel at ease before going through to the dining room. Aylesh examines the intricate embroidery of the hat and Margaret points out a bee in a rose. The girls go through and Nuala tells Margaret that Aylesh takes after Margaret in terms of their boundless energy.

Nucky meets with his attorney Isaac Ginsburg in the office of his suite at the Ritz Carlton to discuss the assignment of Esther Randolph to his case. Ginsburg has done his research and presents Nucky with a file on Randolph while describing its content. She is a USC graduate with 10 years of experience as a public defender. She became a prosecutor after impressing Governor William Stephens in California and has risen to the position of Assistant US Attorney. Nucky is surprised that she is working for Daugherty and Ginsburg suggests that Daugherty needs some of his people to appear honest. Nucky complains about having his case deliberately made federal based on assurances from Daugherty that he would assign a corrupt prosecutor who would throw the trial. The scheme was derailed when Daugherty came under political pressure to assign a competent prosecutor from Nucky’s enemies. As the originator of the plan Ginsburg says that he has been waiting for Nucky to complain and offers the defence that if the Attorney General cannot help Nucky then there is nothing he can do. Nucky laments that there are others in Atlantic City who will lose out from a thorough federal investigation and Ginsburg points out that Nucky is the one they are targeting. Nucky details his former allies – The Commodore is incapacitated following his stroke while George O'Neill is believed to be in hiding. Nucky suggests that if Ginsburg cannot target Jim Neary, Alderman Boyd or Paddy Ryan to provide a solution then he does not know why he is paying him. Ginsburg states that he is paid to put up with Nucky’s rudeness. Nucky's assistant Eddie Kessler enters and announces visitors. Annoyed, Nucky tells Eddie he is in a meeting. Eddie nevertheless shows in Lucy and her baby. Ginsburg takes the opportunity to leave.

Nucky, fearing Lucy will claim that he is the baby’s father, reminds her that they last saw one another on May 23, 1920. She tells him not to begin like that and he looks at the baby and then apologises and offers his congratulations. Lucy confesses that she considered telling Nucky the baby was his but knew he would not believe her and felt it would have been unfitting now that she is a mother. Nucky tells Lucy he is glad she is taking her responsibilities seriously. She twice draws his attention to the baby and having elicited a smile from him she reminds him of their shared history. She tells him her purpose every day they were together was to make him happy and that she now wants to apply that attitude to her daughter. Nucky believes she will be a good mother and she tells him she needs money. Nucky asks where the baby’s father is suspecting that Lucy does not know who the father is. She tells him she knows and that it someone he might know too.

At the post office headquarters Randolph has closed the partition to Van Alden’s new office while she deposes Alderman Jim Neary. She is recording his testimony using a Dictaphone and clarifying evidence that he originally gave to the State investigation. Van Alden listens as she questions Neary about cash for votes and his arrest in March 1920 for his involvement in bootlegging. Neary claims that he has paid his debt on those charges with a $500 fine. Randolph believes the punishment was too light and threatens to reopen that case if Neary is not co-operative despite his deal with the previous prosecutor. Van Alden answers a phone call and hurriedly leaves the office.

Margaret eats dinner with her siblings. Aylesh asks if Margaret came on a boat, calling her Miss. Beth tells Aylesh that Margaret is not a Miss and Nuala says that Margaret is their “Peg of old, just.” Margaret says that she came on the train and explains that she lives in Atlantic City not Ireland. Aylesh asks what Margaret does and Margaret says she is raising her children, Theodore and Emily. Nula asks their ages and notes that they have American names; Margaret jokingly says her children are patriots. Eamonn asks about the father of the children and Margaret explains that her husband Hans died a year ago. Nuala is shocked that Margaret is widowed so young and says she could cry. Margaret says that Nuala has a good heart. Eamonn asks how Margaret makes a living explaining that he wonders how she can afford to take a trip to New York without her children. Margaret explains that she employs a nanny and Eamonn calls this a luxury. Beth asks why Margaret should not have luxuries if she can afford them and Eamonn has no reason. He checks his watch and Nuala chides him and explains that he works night shifts. He offers that he is digging the fourth avenue line Aylesh explains that he means for the New York subway. Eamonn explains that Nuala is a seamstress and that Beth works in a launderette while Aylesh is still in school. He suggests that Aylesh might be working too if it were not for the threat of a truancy officer. Margaret tells Eamonn that she knows that he works hard and offers help. Eamonn says they have not asked for any. Nuala announces that Beth has made a trifle for dessert. Jimmy sits while Gillian dresses for the evening. She tells him to close his eyes and he asks when she became modest. She blames the unflattering lighting and says men do not have to worry about their appearance. Donning a dress she asks for Jimmy’s opinion. He wonders why she is dressing up and she tells him she is meeting colleagues from the Cafe Beaux-Arts and that she is worried they will notice her wrinkles. Jimmy says she is not aging and she smiles and reminisces about summers on the beach. Jimmy recalls being mistaken for her brother and she tells him they belong where they are. Jimmy worries about the assassination planned for the next day. Gillian says killing Nucky will announce Jimmy to the world. He considers calling it off and she tells him that while his friends are delightful, colourful and ambitious he should never appear indecisive to them. Jimmy wonders his image is reason enough for Nucky to die and bemoans the deviation from what they originally discussed. Gillian says they were not being honest with one another then. Jimmy tells her he does not want to do this and she tells him that with the order given the rest is book-keeping and beneath his interest. She whispers “make me proud of you” in his ear and he flinches as she brushes his cheek.

Van Alden arrives at Nucky’s office and Nucky asks Lucy to give them privacy. She takes the baby outside, telling Van Alden that she did not know what else to do on her way past. Nucky offers Van Alden a drink, saying that this may be the time to start. Van Alden declines and Nucky pours one for himself and toasts Van Alden’s new daughter. Van Alden bluntly asks what Nucky wants and Nucky says that Van Alden may want to charm him. Van Alden suspects blackmail. Nucky tells Van Alden that he is not in the habit of judging people and instead tries to help. He wonders if Van Alden’s disposition towards this attitude has changed. Van Alden asks what Nucky proposes to help him with and Nucky expresses concern about his ability to support his wife, mistress and daughter financially. Van Alden tells Nucky to stay out of his financial arrangements and Nucky reveals that he wants Van Alden to spy on Esther Randolph. Van Alden asks what Nucky offers in exchange and Nucky says he will take care of any budget problems and prevent questions being asked about Van Alden’s ability to support Lucy until now. Nucky asks what Van Alden has named his daughter and Van Alden admits that he has not chosen yet. Nucky suggests choosing a biblical name and asks Van Alden to consider his offer and says that he has given Lucy a gift with no strings attached. Van Alden is furious that Nucky has given money to Lucy.

Before serving the promised trifle Eamonn asks for some time alone with Margaret. Nuala takes the girls to see their neighbour Mrs Gillebrand. Aylesh complains and Nuala tells her it is the Christian thing to do. Eamonn offers Margaret a cigarette, calling it a fag. Margaret declines and says that she is not as American as Eamonn thought. Eamonn tells Margaret that their mother is dead, assuming that it will be news to Margaret. Margaret reveals that she knows their mother died from her correspondence with their cousin Martin Hennessy. Eamonn is bitter that she stayed in touch with Hennessy but responds to Margaret mentioning the graveyard where the mother is buried by saying she is beside their father and the two are finally not arguing. Eamonn recalls their mother asking to see Margaret in her final days and lying that Margaret was on her way. Margaret is visibly hurt by Eamonn’s memory and he asks her if she is going to cry now that it doesn’t matter. She whispers that she did what she had to and then repeats it more forcefully when Eamonn does not hear. Eamonn says that is the justification everyone uses in their mind and Margaret asks if he would rather she was sent to a Magdalene Asylum. Eamonn confirms that he agreed with the punishment their priest chose and asks why Margaret considers that fate suitable for others but not herself. She angrily asserts that it is not right for anyone and asks if he would wish it on her sisters. She asks if she is the only sinner he has met. Eamonn asks who the father of Margaret’s baby was. She admits that it was Douglas Walton, the son of the Barrister who employed her. She believes Eamonn must have already known but he pleads blindness in such matters. He asks if Walton forced himself on her and she denies it. Eamonn realises that with Teddy being seven he must have been conceived after Margaret reached America and wonders what happened to the baby that caused her to flee. She explains that she had a miscarriage during the voyage. He offers condolences. She gives him cash saying that it is to return what she stole. Eamonn claims that she stole from their mother not him and she responds that the money she took should have paid for his passage to America. He asks if guilt over the theft is the reason she has come to visit and Margaret denies this saying she wanted to be among those who know her. Aylesh returns and Eamonn quickly hides the cash. He wonders why she was so quick and she explains that Mrs Gillebrand wants her to go out to buy pig trotters. Aylesh wants to have dessert before running the errand.

Lucky Luciano washes his face in a hotel bathroom. Gillian, her dress torn from one shoulder, approaches him and he tells her that them being together is a bad idea. She asks if he does not trust her and recalling that she set him up in the past he angrily asks if she is joking. She suggests that she should leave and as she turns to the door he grabs her, spins her around and kisses her. He says he is going to whip her through the mud like a racehorse and they kiss passionately.

Van Alden returns to his apartment looking for Lucy. He hears singing from the bedroom and smiles. He finds a stranger serenading the baby and asks who she is. She introduces herself as Alfreda Short, his downstairs neighbour. She explains that Lucy left to buy formula about twenty minutes ago and asked her to care for the baby. Van Alden returns to the living room and hears the turntable spinning. He smells something unpleasant and lifts the case to find a soiled nappy with the front page of the script for A Dangerous Maid pinned to it.

Eamonn shuts the bedroom door on Margaret as she clears the table with her sisters. Nuala offers to walk Margaret to the guest house where she is staying. Margaret explains that she has hired a car for the trip. Nuala worries at the cost and Beth guesses that Margaret is seeing a man who will pay for it. Nuala chides Beth and Beth asks Margaret what her man is like. Aylesh guesses that he is mysterious and powerful with minions at his disposal. Nuala does not know the meaning of minions and Aylesh explains. Margaret is initially shocked at Ayesha’s accuracy but plays along. Aylesh says that the man has a secret tragedy and will not let anyone get close to him and Margaret wonders where she is getting her story from. Beth and Nuala explain that Aylesh is always reading. Margaret offers to send Aylesh a book and Nuala says they will need Eamonn’s permission. At the door, Beth asks Margaret to think of them and Margaret reminds them that Atlantic City is not far. Nuala marvels at seeing Margaret again after so long and hugs her goodbye. As Margaret descends the stairs Aylesh comes out to tell her she was joking about her man. Aylesh wonders at Margaret being both a stranger and her sister and Margaret introduces herself with her maiden name. The sisters shake hands then Eamonn comes out and orders Aylesh to bed. Aylesh asks Margaret to send books and says she likes any story with a horse in it.

Van Alden holds his daughter and reads names from the bible. She murmurs when he says Abigail and he smiles at her.

The following day Van Alden arrives at the post office with a heavy briefcase. Randolph is instructing Lathrop to begin following Nucky. Van Alden asks to speak to her alone and she clears the office. He tells her he is married and she sarcastically says he has ended her dream. He confesses his affair and the birth of his daughter. She asks if he should be discussing this with a priest and he explains that he is baring his soul to prove that he is an honest man. He gives her a file he has compiled on Nucky over his sixteen months in Atlantic City. He explains that he was ordered by his supervisors to focus only on illegal alcohol so did not take his investigation further. She flicks through the file and asks if Van Alden will testify about the accusation he makes in the file. He agrees to do so and she tells him that they will resolve his domestic problems but that he should keep them to himself.

Margaret has her driver bring her back to her sibling’s address where she finds Aylesh playing in the street. She gives her a book as a present; “The Girl, a Horse and a Dog” by Francis Lynde. Margaret checks that Aylesh has not read it before and asks Aylesh to tell her about it once finished. Aylesh asks how and Margaret suggests they write to one another, Aylesh is pleased with the notion of a secret correspondence. Margaret calls this “good crack” and Aylesh does not understand the colloquialism. Margaret explains that their mother used it often to mean fun and Aylesh, too young to remember, asks what their mother was like. Aylesh worries that the horse will die in the story and Margaret assures her that it does not. Margaret invites Aylesh to visit her in Atlantic City in the summer so that Aylesh can meet the children. Aylesh notes that it is strange to be such a young aunt.

Eamonn arrives, on his way home from work. He sends Aylesh inside to read her new book. Margaret asks about Eamonn’s shift and he ignores the question saying that he thought she had left. Margaret reminds him that Aylesh is her sister too. He asks if Margaret is trying to rescue Aylesh to assuage her guilt. Margaret asks if Eamonn has to hate her and he claims that he feels little about her at all. He gives back her money saying that he does not know where it is from. Margaret asks if Eamonn is honest and he says he never asks for trouble. She lists things he will not do including talking back, asking questions, making a fuss and standing up for her when she asked him and had nowhere else to turn. He says she always does what she wants and that money will not change that. Margaret believes she can make Aylesh’s life better and Eamonn asks her if she has improved her own life. He tells her to go home and leave them in peace. He ends by telling her there is no-one there who knows her. Margaret gets into her car, crying.

Lillian tidies away toys as Nucky gets in. He asks if Owen has called and she tells him no but that Margaret is on her way home. She tells him she is going to take the children to the beach with Katy. He calls Eddie at the Ritz Carlton and finds that Owen has not been in touch there either. He asks Eddie to pick him up as he is already late.

Owen Sleater nurses a bottled beer in a bar and watches a man arrive. He approaches and tells the man that he recognises him as Del Grogan. Grogan asks if he knows Sleater and Sleater explains that they have met through his cousin Sean in Dunmore. Grogan disparages Dunmore and Sleater agrees that it is a quiet town. Grogan asks if Sean is related to Sleater on the Halligan side of his family. Sleater clarifies that it is through the Cavanaughs. Grogan says that Sleater is one of Desi’s boys and Sleater confirms this and mentions Desi’s death. Grogan calls Desi’s death bad luck and Sleater pauses and then blames the Black and Tans, a police division employed by the English government. Grogan claims to have stayed out of Ireland’s troubles with the English and Sleater observes that it is a fight that will never end. Grogan says they are welcome to the fight and Sleater says they are free of it in America. They toast the Stars and Stripes. Sleater asks to buy Grogan a drink and Grogan declines at first but relents when Sleater says he is homesick but goes to the restroom first. Sleater takes a spoon from a plate as the barman clears it and follows Grogan into the restroom. Sleater jams the door with the spoon and grips a garrotte in both hands. As Sleater approaches Grogan turns and slashes at him with a knife cutting through his waistcoat. Sleater manages to grapple with Grogan. They trade blows until Sleater gains the upper hand by hitting Grogan with a spittoon. He manages to get the garrotte around Grogan’s neck but Grogan gets a hand in the way. Sleater tightens the garrotte as passersby walk over the grate that is the restroom’s ceiling. Grogan continues to struggle as someone tries the bathroom door. The garrotte severs Grogan’s fingers and he finally expires. Sleater bitterly tells Grogan’s body that he has led him on a merry chase for five months and Sleater calls Grogan a traitor. He spits on the corpse and walks out.

At Babette’s Doc entertains Dempsey, Nucky and Bader with a joke before Dempsey’s speech. Doc reminds Dempsey to mention the Radio Corporation of America and hands him a copy of a prepared speech. Dempsey stands on the bar and addresses the crowd. As Dempsey entertains the assembly Nucky notices a woman in the crowd. Nucky is distracted by the brunette until he notices Jimmy approaching with his palms up. Nucky glances at Eddie and then asks what Jimmy wants. Jimmy says he wants to tell Nucky something and says “it doesn’t make a difference if you’re right or wrong.” Jimmy leans forward and whispers “you just have to make a decision.” Jimmy walks away and Eddie follows. As they wind through the crowd a man emerges with a pistol in hand. Nucky raises his hand and the man fires at him, hitting him in his right palm. Nucky collapses and Lathrop shoots the would be assassin from the back of the room. As Jimmy exits he hears Bader say that Nucky is alive.

Margaret arrives home and her driver carries her bags into the house’s ground level. She tips him and calls for the servants. Sleater emerges from the back, rinses his hands and offers to help with her bag. He asks about her trip and she avoids giving details. She asks after the children and learns that they have gone to the beach with Pauleen and Katy. She says this is not Katy’s job and Sleater remarks that Nucky gave them the afternoon off. She asks why Sleater is not with Nucky and he says that he had personal business and just missed him. She asks why Sleater is not trying to find Nucky and he avoids the question by asking where to put the bag. She tells him to leave it at the foot of the stairs. Sleater asks is Margaret finds it odd being in America and confesses that he has feelings of depersonalization. She is moved and he says that it might just be the summer and life passing him by. She says if he feels that way he should be with Katy at the beach. He reminds her that she wanted him “after Mr Thompson.” The dual meaning halts her passage up the stairs and she says either way he can go. He agrees to leave if she tells him to. Instead she tells him to bring the bag up with him. In her bedroom he calls her cool and she says she is not at all how he sees her as she lets down her hair. She asks him to keep what they are about to do a secret and he says it is “all between strangers anyway.” They kiss with mounting intensity and undress one another. She bites his neck. He gasps and pushes her onto her back. She cries in passion as he enters her.