The Philadelphia Enquirer Reporter is a supporting character in Season 2 played by co-star Thomas Endres. He is a dogged investigative reporter working a story on Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson's involvement in election rigging.


Season 2Edit

He questions Nucky as he leaves the prison on bail having been charged with election fraud. He asks Nucky "Is there an honest man in this town?" ("Ourselves Alone")

He discovers that Nucky played golf with Attorney General Harry Daugherty at the Seaview Golf Course on Memorial Day 1921. Shortly afterwards Nucky's case is transferred to federal court. He tracks Nucky to an open practice held by World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey in a tent on the beach in Atlantic City. He asks Nucky what was discussed at Seaview. Nucky claims they talked about the sand traps on the course and has Dempsey drag the reporter away. ("Peg of Old")


Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Is there an honest man in this town?"


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