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Pratt, played by Bob Braswell, is a clerk for the Department of Justice. He works for Assistant US Attorney Esther Randolph and they have been assigned to investigate and prosecute Atlantic County Treasurer Nucky Thompson for election fraud.


Season 2[]

Assistant US Attorney Esther Randolph installs her team in the post office in Atlantic City because it is the only federal building available. Her men are investigator Clifford Lathrop, Pratt and another clerk, Halsey. They annoy their new colleague Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden by taking over his desk. Van Alden demands to know why they are there and why they have taken over his office. Randolph says that her investigation into Nucky’s election rigging takes precedence over his work. Lathrop points out that they have moved Van Alden’s things to another desk. Van Alden complains about the lack of notice. Randolph reminds him of the need for discretion regarding her team’s activities and he is offended, citing his oath of office. Randolph instructs Lathrop and Halsey to search Absecon bay for ballot boxes that one of their confidential witnesses claims were dumped there because they were filled with non-republican votes. Lathrop asks Van Alden where he might be able to buy wading boots for the search. Van Alden ignores the question and says they will be eaten alive. Lathrop misunderstands and Van Alden clarifies that he means they will not get a conviction. Randolph asks why and learns that he believes the level of corruption is insurmountable; she sarcastically dismisses his concern. Van Alden finds an ashtray on his desk that does not belong to him and gives it to Pratt. ("Peg of Old")

The following day Randolph instructs Lathrop to begin following Nucky. She then has a private discussion with Van Alden where he gives her his case file on Nucky. Lathrop foils an assassination attempt against Nucky by shooting his assailant. ("Peg of Old")


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