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Van-Alden at Prestons

Rose and Nelson Van Alden at Preston's.

Preston's Restaurant is an upscale restaurant in Atlantic City.

Season 2[]

Nelson and Rose Van Alden go to Preston's in mid-February 1921. Nelson tells the maître, Carl Switzer, that it is their 13th anniversary and makes his order. Switzer then asks if they want something to drink, noting that they “can fulfill most requests”. Rose is outraged; she’s convinced that Switzer was offering alcohol and asks Nelson to arrest him. He refuses saying that they are there to dinner, but after seeing an employee carrying an obvious case of liquor to the store he excuses himself saying that he has to go to the washing room.

After the Van Aldens finish their meal, Nelson makes a present to his wife, something that she notes as unusual of him. He then asks Switzer if they have champagne or whiskey for sale. When he says they do, Van Alden punches him and knocks his face against the table. He then announces that the place is being raided by the Bureau of Prohibition as several armed agents burst in. Van Alden also orders Clarkson to confiscate the money in the cash register and Sawicki to inspect the store room, where he finds over 200 cases of liquor.

Van Alden orders them to be tagged, catalogued and destroyed. He also closes down the restaurant and arrests Switzer for violation of the Volstead Act. As he finishes, Nelson turns to see Rose, who is visibly pleased.


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