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Producers are members of a series crew involved in overseeing the making of the show. Producer positions in order of seniority are:

  1. Executive producer
  2. Co-executive producer
  3. Supervising producer
  4. Producer
  5. Line producer
  6. Co-producer
  7. Associate producer

The series was created by Terence Winter. Winter is an executive producer and the series show runner. He was previously a writer and executive producer on The Sopranos and has won multiple awards for his work on that series. He drew several crew members from The Sopranos to work on Boardwalk Empire.

In developing the series Winter worked closely with fellow executive producer and pilot director Martin Scorsese. Up until the shooting of the show's first season, Scorsese and Winter would meet every Sunday afternoon to review what went on during the week and where Scorsese would have comments and suggestions.

Scorsese and Winter are joined as executive producers by Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson and Tim Van Patten. Van Patten had been a regular director on The Sopranos and also served as a regular director for Boardwalk Empire. He first gained production experience on HBO mini-series The Pacific.

Eugene Kelly served as a co-executive producer on the pilot. He had worked with Van Patten as a co-executive producer on The Pacific and had worked on HBO dramas Rome and Band of Brothers. Kelly remained a co-executive producer for the first season. David Coatsworth produced the pilot episode but did not return for the first season. Dana Kuznetzkoff was a line producer for the pilot but also did not return for the first season. Rick Yorn was also a producer on the pilot episode. Yorn worked as a producer on the Martin Scorcese films The Aviator and Gangs of New York. Yorn remained a producer for the first season. Steve Turner was a co-producer for the pilot episode and returned for the first season.

Following the pilot Winter stated that Scorsese remains involved; he weighs in on the casting decisions and watches all the cuts and dailies.

Lawrence Konner was a co-executive producer from the second episode onwards. Konner also wrote for the show and had previously been a writer on The Sopranos. Howard Korder and Margaret Nagle served as supervising producers and writers for the first season after the pilot episode. Rudd Simmons also joined the crew as a producer for the first season after the pilot. Joseph Iberti was a co-producer from the second episode onwards.

The crew were recognised with multiple Emmy Award nominations for their work on the first season.

Konner left the crew after the first season. Korder was promoted to co-executive producer to replace Konner. Nagle also left the series leaving the supervising producer role vacant. First season story editor Steve Kornacki was promoted to executive story editor for the second season and then promoted again to co-producer for the seventh episode onwards.