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Prudence, played by Robin Madel, is a maid serving the Thompson household.


Season 3[]

She is involved in preparing the house for the New Year's Eve party on December 31, 1922. Margaret Thompson gives her instructions to prepare the ice for the evening. The party is a success with the guests but Nucky and Margaret argue afterwards. ("Resolution")

Margaret is disappointed when she returns home to news that Nucky will not be accepting an award ceremony invitation from the Catholic Church. She tells Prudence that she is confident she can change his mind. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")


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Season three appearances
"Resolution" "Spaghetti and Coffee" "Bone for Tuna" "Blue Bell Boy"
"You'd Be Surprised" "Ging Gang Goolie" "Sunday Best" "The Pony"
"The Milkmaid's Lot" "A Man, A Plan..." "Two Imposters" "Margate Sands"