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Regina is a female white and light brown-furred terrier featured in the third season of Boardwalk Empire.


Regina is originally the pet dog of Mr. Johansen. When Johansen happens upon the broken down convoy of Gyp Rosetti on late December 1922, he stops the car to help and allows Regina out. Despite his good intentions, the overly sensitive Rosetti feels insulted by Johansen, particularly when he clarifies that his pet's name means "Queen" - something that Rosetti already knows since he grew up in Sicily and is fluent in Italian, in which "Queen" translates as "Regina". In response, Rosetti murders Johansen with a tire iron and leaves his body and car on the road, but takes Regina with him.

Gyp then carries Regina to the New Year's Eve Egyptian-themed party at the Thompson family home on December 31. Inquired about his "date", Rosetti introduces her as "Scruffy" and says that Lucky Luciano reminds her of her brother. Gyp later leaves the dog with one of his men while waiting for a meeting in the kitchen with Nucky Thompson. The news that Thompson won't sell alcohol to him anymore makes Gyp furious and he ends insulting Thompson, his bodyguard Owen Sleater, Lucky Luciano, Frankie Yale and Arnold Rothstein. After that, he takes the dog again and storms out, just as the clock strikes twelve.

As he leaves, Gyp sees Margaret Thompson in the living room. He thanks her for the evening and hands Regina to her, saying that it is a gift for her children. ("Resolution").

Regina changes hands once more in season 3, but disappears from the story after the attack on the Ritz Carlton ("Two Imposters").



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