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"Resignation" is the second episode of the fourth season of Boardwalk Empire, and the 38th episode overall. The episode was written by Executive Producer Howard Korder and Consulting Producer Dennis Lehane and helmed by returning director Alik Sakharov. It first aired on September 15, 2013. The episode drew 2.21 million US viewers.[1]

Doctor Valentin Narcisse comes to Atlantic City to investigate the death of his employee. Narcisse dismays Chalky White when he uses the murder to leverage a partnership in the Onyx Club. Eddie Kessler threatens to resign to force Nucky Thompson to recognise his enduring loyalty before Nucky heads to Florida. Nelson Van Alden is caught between Dean O'Banion and Al Capone. Richard Harrow finds that coming home has caused him to lose his stomach for violence.


Official Synopsis[]

Now working as a “delivery man” for Dean O’Banion (Arron Shiver), Van Alden is ordered to keep tabs on Al Capone, joining the ascendant mobster to help keep Cicero voters “informed” at a political rally. Dr. Valentin Narcisse arrives in Atlantic City, clashing with Chalky and Nucky over the loss of an employee. In Washington, Agent Knox aligns himself with J. Edgar Hoover (Eric Ladin), acting director of the Bureau of Investigation. Harrow fails to finish a job in Milwaukee, while Eddie demands a promotion after 11 years of service. With a business opportunity on the horizon, Nucky departs for Florida.




First Appearances[]

  1. Valentin Narcisse, Businessman and prominent figure in the underworld of Harlem.
  2. J. Edgar Hoover, head of Bureau of Investigation.


  1. Alma Pastor - Strangled by Valentin Narcisse's men.
  2. Dolph Liebling - Shot by Carl Billings.




  1. Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson
  2. Kelly MacDonald as Margaret Thompson (credit only)
  3. Michael Shannon as Nelson Van Alden / George Mueller
  4. Shea Whigham as Eli Thompson
  5. Michael Stuhlbarg as Arnold Rothstein (credit only)
  6. Stephen Graham as Al Capone
  7. Vincent Piazza as Salvatore Charlie "Lucky" Luciano (credit only)
  8. Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White
  9. Anthony Laciura as Eddie Kessler
  10. Paul Sparks as Mickey Doyle
  11. Jack Huston as Richard Harrow
  12. Ron Livingston as Roy Phillips (credit only)
  13. Jeffrey Wright as Valentin Narcisse
  14. and Gretchen Mol as Gillian Darmody (credit only)

Guest Starring[]

  1. Stephen Root as Gaston Means
  2. Brian Geraghty as Warren Knox
  3. Domenick Lombardozzi as Ralph Capone
  4. Erik LaRay Harvey as Dunn Purnsley
  5. Peter McRobbie as Frederick Elliot
  6. Kevin O'Rourke as Edward Bader
  7. Eric Ladin as J. Edgar Hoover
  8. Arron Shiver as Dean O'Banion
  9. Morgan Spector as Frank Capone
  10. Ty Michael Robinson as Samuel Crawford
  11. Sean Cullen as Carl Billings


1. Kwabena Ampofo
2. Jo Armeniox as Alma Pastor
3. Munro M. Bonnell
4. Nore Davis as Daniel
5. Ross DeGraw
6. Thomas Endres as a Philadelphia Enquirer Reporter
7. DeWitt Fleming, Jr. as Tap dancer 1
8. Karida Griffith as Onyx Club Dancer 4
9. Jared Grimes as Tap dancer 2
10. Afra Hines as Onyx Club Dancer 5
11. Christina Jackson as Maybelle White
12. Peter Francis James as Oliver Crawford
13. Will Janowitz as Hymie Weiss

14. Stephen Paul Johnson as Dolph Liebling
15. Rick Kain as Ira Carroll
16. Thaddeus McCants
17. Celestine Rae as Onyx Club Dancer 11
18. Allen Lewis Rickman as George Baxter
19. Leajato Robinson
20. G. Michelle Robinson as Mrs Crawford
21. Christiane Seidel as Sigrid Mueller
22. Natalie Wachen as Lenore White
23. Katherine Waterston as Emma Harrow
24. Noel Wilson as Ward Boss 2
25. Chloe Arnold as Onyx Club Dancer 1
26. Maud Arnold as Onyx Club Dancer 2
27. Jennifer Bowles as a dancer

28. Jonathan Brody as a Reporter
29. Brittany Engel-Adams as Onyx Club Dancer 3
30. Nicole J. Johnson as Onyx Club Dancer 6
31. Jennifer Jones as Onyx Club Dancer 7
32. Natalia Lepore Hagan
33. Amelia Lowe
34. Marla McReynolds as Onyx Club Dancer 8
35. Erin Moore as Onyx Club Dancer 9
36. Jae Ponder as Onyx Club Dancer 10
37. Jennifer Rias as Onyx Club Dancer 12
38. Clifton Samuels
39. Jeffrey Scott Stevens


Opening credits[]

  1. Meredith Tucker - Casting
  2. Bill Groom - Production Designer
  3. Tim Streeto, A.C.E. - Editor
  4. Bill Coleman - Director of Photography
  5. Rick Yorn - Producer
  6. Joseph E. Iberti - Episodic Producer
  7. Dennis Lehane - Consulting Producer
  8. Eugene Kelly - Co-Executive Producer
  9. Howard Korder - Executive Producer
  10. Tim Van Patten - Executive Producer
  11. Stephen Levinson - Executive Producer
  12. Mark Wahlberg - Executive Producer
  13. Martin Scorcese - Executive Producer
  14. Terence Winter - Executive Producer
  15. Terence Winter - Creator
  16. Dennis Lehane - Writer
  17. and Howard Korder - Writer
  18. Alik Sakharov - Director

Closing credits[]

  1. Stephen Pope - Stunt Coordinator
  2. Brad Carpenter - Co-Producer
  3. Dhana Rivera Gilbert - Unit Production Manager
  4. Joseph E. Iberti - Unit Production Manager
  5. Jude Gorjanc - First Assistant Director (AD)
  6. Ted O'Connor - Second AD
  7. Pepper O'Brien - Co-Producer
  8. John Dunn - Costume Designer
  9. Lisa Padovani - Co-Costume Designer
  10. Randall Poster - Music Supervisor
  11. Lesley Robson-Foster - Visual Effects Supervisor
  12. David Matthews - Executive Story Editor
  13. Cristine Chambers - Staff Writer
  14. Jennifer Ames - Staff Writer
  15. & Steve Turner - Staff Writer
  16. John Flavin - Associate Producer
  17. Russ Hammonds - Associate Producer
  18. Pat Birch - Choreographer
  19. Deanna Dys - Assistant Choreographer
  20. Nelson Johnson - Based on his book Boardwalk Empire


  • Broadway Broadcasters - "It Had To Be You" plays as Van Alden makes his rounds.
  • Vernon Dalhart - "The Prisoner's Song" plays as Nucky is irritated by Eddie's declining performance.
  • Peter Yarin - "Pete's Blues" plays as the White and Crawford family meet to discuss the upcoming marriage of their children.
  • Studio Musician - "Cannibal Stomp" plays as Harrow decides to spare Liebling.
  • Fletcher Henderson - "Araby" plays as Harrow surprises Liebling in his office.
  • Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks - "Naughty Man" plays as Chalky walks through his club and meets Baxter.
  • Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks - "The Gouge of Amour Avenue" plays as Chalky meets with Narcisse and Alma.
  • Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks - "Tell Me Dreamy Eyes" plays as Chalky meets with Narcisse and Alma.
  • Liza Minelli accompanied by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks - "You Gotta See Mama Every Night (or you can't see mama at all)" plays over the end credits.


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