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Richard Harrow remains a major character in the fourth season. This article details their actions in each episode of the season.

New York Sour[]

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After delivering Tommy Darmody to Paul and Julia Sagorsky following the massacre at the Artemis Club. Harrow leaves Atlantic City and takes jobs as a traveling assassin under the employment of Carl Billings. In the season 4 opener, Harrow intercepts two mobster-type guys as they are leaving leaving a bar in Warsaw, Indiana. As the men leave, they have trouble with their car engine. One of the men gets out of the car to check the engine. After a moments silence, the other guy gets out of the car to discover that his associate's throat has been slit. He turns around and sees Harrow raise a gun and shoot him in the face. Harrow reaches into the man's jacket and pulls out a thick envelope with the letterhead, "Old Mission Title & Insurance."

The envelope leads Harrow to the office of Franklin Werner in Michigan. At gunpoint, Harrow tells Werner to send his assistant away when she comes to check on him. Werner tearfully pleads for his life, saying that he only takes orders from Milwaukee, and nothing else. Harrow tells him that he is going to die. Werner writes down the name and address of the man that Harrow is looking for. Harrow then shoots him in the cheek. Dying, Werner utters a final word to Harrow, "Why?" Harrow then shoots him in the head.

Bearing in mind Werner's last word, Harrow decides to visit his sister Emma in Wisconsin. When he arrives, he hides his gun in a stack of wood and scopes the place. Emma sneaks up behind Richard with a shotgun as he goes to knock on the door. Richard turns to Emma and tells her "I've come home."