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Dr. Robert Landau, played by Nick Wyman, is the Medical Director at St. Theresa's Hospital.


Season 3[]

He takes the hospital board on a tour of the facility on December 31, 1922. He proudly shows off the new Enoch and Margaret Thompson Pediatric Annex. He is embarrassed when a female patient has a miscarriage right in front of the board and calls for Dr. Douglas Mason to help her before resuming the tour.

He attends the Thompson's New Year's Eve party with his wife. He enjoys the evening but is irritated when Margaret brings up the woman. He takes her suggestion that the hospital introduce health education for pregnant women as an accusation of negligence. He asks for the identity of the doctor that talked to Margaret. In order to protect Mason, Margaret says that she doesn't remember the doctor's name and describes him as an old man. Nucky ends the conversation diplomatically by saying they should not talk shop. The Landaus go home happily later that night. ("Resolution")

Margaret avoids Dr. Landau when she see him in the corridor while visiting the woman who miscarried. She also visits Dr. Mason to ask what they can do about health education. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")

Margaret visits the hospital to confirm Landau's attendance at St. Finbar's Church to see Nucky receive the St. Gregory's Award for donating his land to the church. He tells her that he is glad they have put the disagreement behind them and she innocently agrees. After the ceremony Margaret uses a private audience with Bishop Norman to introduce Landau and force the issue of prenatal care. She claims that it was Dr. Landau's idea and that she and Nucky support it. She manipulates Dr. Landau into agreeing (in front of the bishop) to open a clinic. She assures the bishop that they are mindful of Catholic dogma surrounding pregnancy. ("Bone for Tuna")


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