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Samuel Crawford (played by Ty Michael Robinson) is a medical student from an upper-class African-American family. He is the beau and later, fiancee, of Maybelle White.

Character Biography[]

He is studying medicine to become a doctor. Chalky says that his parents run a nice boarding house in Atlantic City on Mediterranean Avenue and refers to them as respectable.

Season 2[]

Maybelle invites Samuel to dinner with her parents; Atlantic City bootlegger and community leader Chalky White and his wife Lenore. He is made welcome by Lenore and Maybelle's brother Lester. When Lenore asks him to say grace he obliges but is constantly interrupted by Chalky who is upset that the dinner is not what he asked for - Hoppin' John. Samuel laughs at the mention of the dish and offends Chalky. Samuel mentions that his grandmother used to make Hoppin' John. He apologizes and offers to leave but Chalky withdraws from the dinner himself. Samuel later enjoys Lester's piano playing with the rest of the family, apart from Chalky. ("What Does the Bee Do?")

Season 3[]

Samuel visits Chalky White's honky tonk in the North Side of Atlantic City. He asks for Chalky's permission to marry his daughter, Maybelle. Chalky has Samuel give him an impromptu physical to test his progress training as a doctor. He is impressed when Samuel picks up a mineral deficiency by noticing white spots on his nails. He orders a plate of greens and welcomes Samuel to the family. When Samuel makes his proposal to Maybelle she is less than thrilled.

Maybelle brings Samuel to Chalky's honky-tonk to see "The Little Professor" James Scott. He tries to confront her about her feelings but is interrupted by the boisterous dancers. He asks them to watch what they are doing and a man slashes his face with a switchblade. Chalky has Dunn Purnsley beat the knife wielder to a bloody pulp. He checks that Samuel can walk and asks him to take Maybelle home. Samuel insists on treating the man that attacked him. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")


  • Maybelle White: Love interest (deceased)
  • Oliver Crawford: Father
  • Mrs. Crawford: Mother

Memorable Quotes[]


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