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Scarpelli is a supporting character in "Ourselves Alone" played by co-star John Cenatiempo. He is the nephew of prominent New York Italian American crime boss Joe Masseria. He is responsible for collecting protection money in the lower East Side along with his brother Incrocci. Together they visited a card game run by Meyer Lansky and Charlie Luciano and tell Lansky that he owes tribute to Masserria because the game is in Masseria's territory.

They notice Jimmy Darmody cash out of the game and follow him when he leaves. They accost him in Tompkins Square Park and try to steal his winnings. Darmody kills them both.

Their uncle believed that Luciano and Lansky killed them. After negotiations with Arnold Rothstein, they set up an agreement for both Lansky and Luciano to pay $2,000 to the families of both Scarpelli and Incrocci.



Scarpelli and Incrocci are a reference to Italian screenwriters Agenore Incorcci and Furio Scarpelli, mostly known for writing "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".