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Scozione, played by co-star Chris Cenatiempo, is a bouncer at the Four Deuces brothel in Chicago. The cat house is owned by Johnny Torrio.


Season 1[]

He shows Charlie Sheridan into a meeting with Al Capone and Jimmy Darmody. Sheridan is accompanied by Liam and two other men. Liam and the others return to the Four Deuces later and the bouncer readmits them. Liam goes upstairs with Pearl. When a scream comes from her room the bouncer draws a gun and goes to climb the stairs. He is shot by another of Sheridan's men and Liam kicks him on their way out. ("Anastasia")

Jimmy mentions that Scozione is still recovering. Pearl kills herself because the injuries Liam has inflicted have ruined both her career and her hopes for the future. ("Nights in Ballygran")

Scozione is back on the door at the four deuces after being shot in the shoulder, behind him some of the prostitutes are singing a song. He tells two customers that the bar is closed for a private party. Johnny Torrio is hosting a party to celebrate winning the Greek Town territory by killing Sheridan. ("Family Limitation")

In June 1920 Nucky Thompson and Eddie Kessler meet with Torrio at the Deuces. Scozione frisks both of them on their way in, now free from his sling. ("Hold Me in Paradise")


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