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Shiloh Baptist Church is an African American church in Atlantic City, NJ.


Shiloh Baptist Church was built in 1898 and located at Ohio Avenue and Arctic Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ. Lemuel Cuffy serves as a Deacon at the church where he performs baptisms, sermons and prayer services for the congregation.

Members of the church include Harlan (a servant to Nucky Thompson) and Chalky White who holds community meetings in the church.

Season 1[]

During an annual Week of Miracles event at the church, the congregation becomes witness to Agent Nelson Van Alden drowning his partner, Agent Eric Sebso, at a baptism gone horribly awry. Displaying his gun and badge as he walks out of the water, Nelson leaves the congregation stunned and unable to do much knowing that he is a man of the law. ("Paris Green")

Season 2[]

After the Ku Klux Klan open fires on Chalky's bootlegging warehouse, killing and injuring several members of the local African American community, Nucky Thompson addresses the people gathered at the Shiloh Baptist Church and promises justice will be served. ("21")

With Deacon Cuffy present, Chalky White attends a meeting at the church to hear grievances and concerns. He listens to complaints of unfair labor practices and low wages, but the biggest issue arises from the women who are outraged that justice still has not been sought for their loved ones killed by the KKK. ("What Does the Bee Do?")