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Father Shocke, played by co-star John Leonard Thompson, is a minor character in the third season episode "Bone for Tuna". He is the assistant to Bishop Norman and is organizing the St. Gregory's Award ceremony for Nucky Thompson.


Season 3[]

Shocke arranges to see Nucky Thompson and his wife Margaret regarding Nucky receiving the St. Gregory's Award. Nucky does not attend and Margaret meets the priest alone. She manipulates him into guaranteeing her an audience with Bishop Norman.

The ceremony takes place at St. Finbar's Church on January 9, 1923. Shocke introduces Nucky before Norman presents the award. Margaret uses her private audience with the bishop to force the issue of prenatal care. She falsely claims that it was the idea pf St. Theresa's Hospital medical director Dr. Robert Landau and that she and Nucky support it. She manipulates Dr. Landau into agreeing (in front of the bishop) to open a clinic. She assures the bishop that they are mindful of Catholic dogma surrounding pregnancy. ("Bone for Tuna")


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