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Sister Bernice is a guest character in Season 2's premiere episode, "21". She is played by Marceline Hugot.


Sister Bernice is an old Catholic nun and school teacher to Teddy Schroeder. After she strikes Teddy with a wooden ruler, bruishing his hands, he refuses to return to school, which leads to an altercation with Teddy's mother, Margaret Schroeder. Margaret's lover Nucky Thompson tries to diminish it claiming that when a nun stroke him once, his father, Ethan Thompson, hit him harder. ("21")

Margaret goes to Sister Bernice's convent to talk to her and is redirected to the school. There she finds Sister Bernice grading exams ("Benjamin Franklin: Apparently, he discovered lightning."). Sister Bernice offers her a seat but she declines. Margaret confronts Sister Bernice over Teddy's bruishes; she answers that she stroke him with a ruler and asks Margaret if he told her why. Margaret denies - Teddy said that he did nothing wrong. Sister Bernice then tells her that in that case she is "raising a liar": Teddy was caught playing with a set of matches from Babette's Supper Club inside the coat closed, putting himself and all the other children at risk. Sister Bernice then asks Margaret if she is a widow, which she confirms, and then if she lives with Teddy's "uncle". Margaret immediately changes the subject and asks if her son will be expelled. He won't, Sister Bernice answers, because of the intervention of Father Ed Brennan, who is apparently close with 'her' Mr. Thompson. By doing so Sister Bernice shows that she knows both that Margaret is having an extra-marital relationship and the identity of her lover.("21")


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