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Sixtus's death.

Sixtus D'Alessio, played by Eric Schneider, is a Philadelphia criminal who tries to muscle in on bootlegging through Atlantic City. He is a member of a gang of criminals consisting entirely of his own family. They are known as the D'Alessio brothers.



Sixtus is a Philadelphia based criminal involved in assault, extortion, gambling and loansharking. He works with his brothers Leo, Ignacious, Matteo, Lucien and Pius. Ignacious and Leo are the leaders of the group. He has another three brothers and five sisters - thirteen siblings in total.

Season 1[]

The D'Alessio brothers lend money to bootlegger Mickey Doyle. He loses the funds when his still is raided by Prohibition Agents; he is fired by Nucky Thompson and is unable to pay off his debt. ("Boardwalk Empire") Doyle convinces Leo and Ignacious D'Alessio to partner with him in order to steal from Nucky. Matteo, Leo and Ignacious lynch Kendall, the driver of Nucky's new bootlegging partner Chalky White, by mistake; Doyle wanted them to kill Chalky. ("Broadway Limited") Ignacious and Pius rob Nucky's ward boss George O'Neill. ("Family Limitation") Leo shoots Nucky's brother Eli Thompson in a casino robbery. ("Hold Me in Paradise") The brothers are eventually hired by Nucky's rival Arnold Rothstein to take over bootlegging in Atlantic City and kill Nucky. Sixtus and Lucien are brought in for the hit on Nucky but their boardwalk shooting attempt is unsuccessful. Eddie Kessler grabs Sixtus, causing him to miss Nucky, and wrestles his gun away. Lucien and Sixtus flee and Eddie manages to shoot Sixtus in the leg before he gets away. ("Belle Femme")

Sixtus goes into hiding. Thompson responds by asking Chalky to contact Rothstein's organization under the pretense of switching sides. Meyer Lansky, Matteo and Lucien meet with Chalky in Atlantic City. Chalky drops the pretense when he realizes the D'Alessio brothers killed his driver and takes all three of his visitors captive. Matteo and Lucien are killed by Nucky's people, Lansky is sent back to New York as a messenger and the remaining brothers go into hiding. Rothstein and Thompson negotiate a peace deal that includes giving up the D'Alessio brothers. Sixtus is tracked down and shot in the head by Al Capone on orders from Nucky. ("A Return to Normalcy")


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