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Solomon Bishop is a Deputy US Attorney for the State of New Jersey played by Bill Sage. He is responsible for the investigation into election fraud by Nucky Thompson.



Season 2[]

Following the order of Governor Edwards, Solomon Bishop and three agents of the New Jersey State Police go to Nucky Thompson's suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to arrest him. They only find his butler, Eddie Kessler, and make him phone Nucky and tell him to come immediately. After Nucky arrives, Bishop identifies himself and a State Trooper arrests Nucky for election fraud, something that clearly pleases Bishop. ("21")

Deputy US Attorney Thorogood addresses Judge Ketchum at a hearing regarding Nucky's election rigging charges. Bishop sits at the other table. Thorogood proposes a motion to transfer the charges to federal court because of Nucky’s involvement in trafficking prostitutes across state lines. Nucky’s lawyer Isaac Ginsburg, the architect of the plan to have the charges made federal so that they can then be dropped by the Department of Justice, watches from the back of the courtroom. Ketchum interrupts Thorogood, distracted by the lawyer's green shoes. Thorogood continues with his motion, annoying the judge by over-explaining the trafficking charges without establishing their link to election rigging. Bishop attempts to interject as Ketchum admonishes Thorogood but the judge refuses his request to be heard. Thorogood completes his lengthy proposal and wins over the judge by explaining that the prostitutes services were used to influence voters. Ketchum pauses and then accepts the motion. Bishop is visibly disappointed at losing control of prosecuting the case he has built; he looks back at Ginsburg who raises his eyebrows and smiles. ("The Age of Reason")


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