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The Man in the Arrow Shirt

The Man in the Arrow Shirt is a fictional character from a long-running successful advertising campaign by the Arrow Shirt brand. Created in 1905, the character appeared in magazine and billboard advertisements for Arrow collars and shirts. Illustrator J.C. Leyendecker was drew the ads.

From 1905 to 1931, the Arrow Collar Man was an American cultural icon. President Theodore Roosevelt said that the Arrow Man was “a superb portrait of the common man.” Women wrote this fictional character love letters by the thousands each week and a few even proposed marriage to him.

The Arrow Man campaign was a huge success. Whenever an ad came out featuring the Arrow Man wearing a new collar, men would be lined up outside of clothing stores to get their hands on the product. By the 1920s, Arrow was selling 4 million collars a week.

Season 3[]

Farraday Electric Iron Company manager Scotty Gulliver mentions the "Man in the Arrow Shirt" during a speech to inspire his salesmen. ("Bone for Tuna")

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