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The World's Globe Circler, also known as Round the World with Nellie Bly, is a board game first released in 1890 by Joseph Pulitzer's newspaper, the New York World. The game was based on the then recent, record-breaking trip around the world of American journalist Nellie Bly (1889-1890), who had been in turn inspired by Jules Verne's 1873 novel Around the World in 80 Days. Bly made the feat in 72.

Season 2[]

Margaret (who is holding a feverish Emily beginning to suffer from polio), Nucky and Teddy play The World's Globe Circler some time after Nucky is shot through the hand during a failed assassination attempt in the struggle for control of Atlantic City. Teddy’s turn takes him to the Southampton space and he is curious about its location. Margaret explains that it is a large port in England and says that she sailed to America from there. Teddy hopes to sail the voyage himself one day. Nucky becomes distracted by the painting of a ship in the corner of the board and Teddy has to remind his “Uncle Nucky” of his turn. Nucky returns his attention to his family and says that he would like the children to begin calling him “Dad.” Teddy looks to his mother and she asks if he would like that. He says that he would; Nucky reaches out to brush Emily’s cheek and tells her that he means her too. Teddy tries the prompt again, this time saying “your move, Dad.” Margaret smiles and Nucky agrees, saying that "indeed, it is".

Inspired by the game, Nucky later announces that he will stand down as Atlantic County Treasurer and tells his rivals that he is retiring. He then sets up a meeting with the IRA cell lead by John McGarrigle in Belfast and proposes to trade them Thompson guns from the Atlantic City Armory for Irish whiskey that he will smuggle in merchant ships and sell at a low price in Atlantic City to ruin the illegal liquor importation business of Jimmy and his allies. ("Two Boats and a Lifeguard")


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