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Sunday Best

From left to right: Edith, Nucky, Michael, Nora, June, Kathleen, Eli, Teddy, Anne, Brian and Will, on Easter Sunday 1923. ("Sunday Best")

The Thompson family is a family featured in the series Boardwalk Empire. It is formed by three generations of Catholic Irish-Americans residing in Atlantic City, where their male members have traditionally served the Sheriff's Office and held the Atlantic County Sheriff position at different times. One of them, Nucky Thompson, later became Atlantic County Treasurer and boss of a political and criminal organization controlling Atlantic City as well.

Family members[]

Eli's children[]

The identity of Eli's children changes between Season 2 and Season 3, making this the first clear breach in continuity in Boardwalk Empire.

  • In Season 2, Eli's children are first specified to be four sons and four daughters. Only the sons are named on screen. These are, in order, Michael (b. 1909), Patrick (b. 1911), Brian (b. 1913) and Dermott (age unknown, but likely the youngest).
  • In Season 3's "Spaghetti and Coffee", the audience is introduced to a previously unseen eldest son, William ( 1907), followed by the familiar Michael, Brian and Dermott, while Patrick seems to have disappeared from continuity. The daughters are identified as Edith, Anne, Nora and Kathleen.