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The series timeline includes events in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Nineteenth century[]

Twentieth century[]










  • 1925:
    • Undated:
    • February: Marcus Garvey is convicted and imprisoned on mail fraud charges. He begins serving his five year long sentence.
    • March: Calvin Coolidge begins his second term as the 30th President of The United States
    • December: Peg Leg Lonergan and five of his men are killed at the Adonis Social Club during a Christmas celebration



  • 1927:
    • Undated:
    • January: Mayor Edward Bader dies of appendicitis
    • April:
      • Bill Fallon dies of natural causes
      • The Bureau of Prohibition becomes an independent entity within the Department of the Treasury
      • Chicago police arrest Vincent Drucci, co-leader of the North Side Gang alongside Bugs Moran, and shoot him to death allegedly because he lunged for their weapons.
      • In the mayoral race of Chicago, Al Capone backed William Hale Thompson. On the polling day, nicknamed the "Pineapple Primary" the city was plunged into chaos. Very similar to the 1924 mayoral race of Cicero, Capone and his cohorts manipulated the polls with violence and intimidation. 62 bombings took place and at least 2 politicians were killed, 500 federal marshals were called in to ensure voters safety. The term "Pineapple Primary" comes from the slang term of a grenade.
    • September: Al Capone invites Frankie Yale to Chicago to mend their relationship. Despite the visit going well, their friendship began to rapidly deteriorate after Yale returned to New York. Due to many other business obligations, Capone would have to wait until 1928 to retaliate.
    • October: George Remus goes on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Imogene. Remus pleaded temporary insanity and was granted a six-month insanity sentence. Upon release, Remus attempted to get back into bootlegging, but soon retired when he found that the market had been completely taken over by gangsters.
    • November: Marcus Garvey's sentence is commuted by President Calvin Coolidge, upon his release Garvey is deported to Jamaica. The popularity of the UNIA diminished greatly following his expulsion



  • 1929:
    • Undated:
      • Joe Masseria is now formally known as "Joe the Boss," head of the largest Mafia grouping in New York. Lucky Luciano, now a top aide in the Masseria organization, reluctantly begins paying homage and tribute.
      • Joseph Kennedy begins investing in the legal importation of spirits
    • January: Benny Siegel marries Esta Krakower
    • February: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre occurs, seven mob associates of the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran, successor to Hymie Weiss, are killed. The main target of the attack however, Bugs Moran, narrowly avoided death
    • March:
      • Herbert Hoover is elected the 31st President of The United States
      • Following the election of President Herbert Hoover, U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon was specifically charged with bringing down Al Capone. Eliot Ness was chosen to head the operations under the National Prohibition Act targeting the illegal breweries and supply routes of Capone. Ness creates a team of nine men known as "The Untouchables" to help in his effort.
    • May:
    • October:
      • Lucky Luciano is forced into a limousine at gun point by three men, beaten and stabbed, and dumped on a beach in Staten Island. He survived the ordeal but was forever marked with a scar and droopy eye.
      • The Wall Street Stock Market Crash of 1929 occurs, beginning the ten-year long Great Depression
    • November:



  • 1930:
    • Undated:
      • A "Jake paralysis" outbreak occurs in the United States resulting from adulterated Jamaica ginger sold as an alcohol substitute
      • Bugs Moran flees Chicago
      • The Chicago Crime Commission designates Al Capone Public Enemy No. 1, Ralph Capone is designated Public Enemy No. 3
      • At this time, Al Capone has fully consolidated his power in Chicago and is effectively in full control. He is a force to be reckoned with.
    • January: Harry Bacharach is once again elected as Mayor of Atlantic City
    • February: Joe Masseria issues a decree ordering the death of Salvatore Maranzano, in return, Maranzano declares war on Masseria. These events mark the formal beginning of the Castellammarese War, the bloodiest and most important Mafia war in history.
    • November: As 1931 approaches, the tide begins to turn and the war starts going poorly for Masseria. Lucky Luciano, his trusted friends and associates seek to secure their positions in the coming power struggle.