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This recap of "To the Lost" features a detailed section on each scene of the episode.

Scene 1[]

Jimmy Darmody and Richard Harrow drive along a country lane, masks tied around their faces. They pull up to an assembly of members of the Ku Klux Klan. A Klansman challenges them and Jimmy shoots him in the face, killing him; the other Klansmen cower by their cars. Jimmy announces that he is there for the names and addresses of the three Klansmen responsible for the attack on Chalky White’s warehouse. He gets no answer and Harrow steps forward and shoots another Klansman in the chest with his shotgun. Harrow tells them that they have five seconds. A man, not in the robes of the Klan, speaks up. He tells them that they are looking for Herb Crocker, Dick Heatherton and then pauses. Jimmy takes four paces towards the speaker and asks him for the last name. He glances down at a Klansman to his left and the man attempts to bolt past Jimmy. Jimmy clubs him with the butt of his pistol.

Manny Horvitz sits in the basement of a synagogue and drunkenly talks about his hometown, Odessa, Russia. He says that everyone was a crook with the smallest criminals stealing from one another. The middle men would profit from the activities of these nobodies but remained hungry for more and worried about keeping their position. Manny notes that it is easier to fall down than to climb up from the middle. He says that the biggest crooks did not have to do anything to profit and were treated with respect. Manny says that he sometimes awakens and thinks that he is still in Odessa, aged 12 with his life ahead of him, before realising that he is in America and has to make the best of it. His audience is Nucky Thompson, Mickey Doyle and Owen Sleater. Nucky listens intently while Mickey seems impatient. Nucky tells Manny that he understands that they have both had a troubled time recently. Mickey says that he has explained Manny’s situation to Nucky. Manny continues regardless, saying that he is forced to stay away from his home, family and business and is living like a beggar. Sleater says that this is bad luck and could have happened to anyone. Manny counters that his bad luck has a name; Waxey Gordon. Nucky interjects that he is a business partner of Waxey’s. Manny asks if Nucky is sure and Nucky wonders if Manny knows something that he does not. Manny obliquely says that the question answers itself. Nucky glances at Mickey who tells Manny that Nucky is a busy man. Manny counters that he might have better things to do. Mickey reminds him that he is hiding in the basement of a synagogue and instructs him not to waste Nucky’s time. Manny tells Nucky that Waxey is in business with Jimmy. Manny asks if they have something in common and Nucky allows that they might have. Manny asks Nucky to let them help each other and offers to exchange Jimmy for Waxey before beginning a partnership of their own. Nucky wonders how Manny will give Jimmy to him and notes that Manny does not appear to be in a condition to do anything. Manny offers that if Jimmy’s wife Angela could still talk she would say otherwise about him. Nucky is shocked at Manny brazenly referencing the murder of Angela and says that they have less in common than Manny thought. Manny looks at Mickey and reminds him that he said that Nucky was open to discussion. Mickey counters that he only promised to broker the meeting. Manny wonders if Nucky is too big a crook to be seen with him. Nucky jokes that the federal prosecutor thinks so but offers to consider Manny’s proposition. He says that Mickey will know how to get in touch and leaves with Sleater. Manny says that Nucky should be more careful with his reactions given that Nucky is headed to jail. Mickey notes that Nucky is not in jail yet. Manny states that Nucky would be nothing in Odessa.

Three African American men with shotguns guard Chalky White’s warehouse at night. Two trucks drive down the road towards the warehouse. Dunn Purnsley and Chalky are waiting inside. A man watching the door announces the arrival of the cars. Chalky tells him to open up and he slides the main doors apart. Jimmy drives the lead vehicle into the warehouse. The gunmen stop Harrow (in the following car) outside. Jimmy exits his truck and hands Chalky a stack of cash in a burlap sack. He explains that it contains $20,000, $5,000 for the family of each murdered man. Chalky points out that he only asked for $3,000 each and Jimmy says that he was aware. He pulls the cover from the flatbed revealing three Klansmen, bound and gagged. Nucky asks if Jimmy is sure and Jimmy says that they can ask them if they like. Purnsley says that it will be his pleasure and unfolds his switchblade. Chalky notes that the governor’s office has dropped his case and says that Jimmy can tell The Commodore that he will end the strike. Jimmy says that he will, avoiding giving away The Commodore’s death. Jimmy asks Chalky to pass a message to Nucky; he is ready to talk. Chalky nods assent and Jimmy walks back to Harrow’s car. Chalky welcomes the Klansman back to the scene of their crime. His men pull two of them out of the truck and beat them with clubs. Purnsley crawls up onto the flatbed with his blade in hand and a smile on his face.

Jimmy clambers into Harrow’s truck. Harrow says that whatever Jimmy does to change things Nucky will never forgive him. Jimmy says that he wants to go to Gerald’s for a steak. Harrow smiles and nods.

Lillian and Katy encourage Emily Schroeder to walk using her crutches; her polio impaired legs are supported in their new braces. Lillian supports Emily while Katy holds her new doll, Beatrice, and calls for her to walk over to the doll. Emily manages a few steps with Lillian’s hands on her shoulders but stops and announces that she is going to fall. Katy says that Emily must at least try and beckons her onwards. Nucky arrives home and Emily greets him as daddy. Lillian greets Nucky and asks how Philadelphia was. He ignores the question and asks where Margaret is. Katy informs him that she left twenty minutes earlier. Lillian adds that she did not tell them her destination. Nucky leaves his coat and jacket and heads upstairs. Sleater follows him in and greets the women. Katy stares after him.

Assistant US Attorney Esther Randolph and her clerk Dick Halsey watch Margaret and Father Brennan in their post office headquarters. Halsey notes Brennan accompanying Margaret and considers it a cynical ploy for sympathy, stating his surprise that she did not bring an infant at her breast. Randolph dispatches Halsey to get her an ice cream saying that she is boiling before entering his office. She introduces herself to Margaret and Margaret introduces Brennan in turn. Brennan interrupts Margaret and asserts that he is there for moral support. Randolph jokes that she doubts that she will need it. Brennan clarifies that he meant for Margaret and Margaret tells him that Randolph understood that. They take their seats and Brennan tells Randolph about Emily’s illness. Randolph offers sympathy and Brennan adds that Margaret is a widow and devoted mother. He goes on to say that Margaret is active in the church and ignorant of the charges in the case against Nucky. Randolph counters that she was unaware that they taught law at seminary school. Margaret asks to speak to Randolph alone and dismisses Brennan over his objections. He jokes that he will go and buy some stamps.

Margaret asks if it is difficult to become a lawyer and Randolph says it takes determination. Margaret says that she cannot believe it is that simple and Randolph confirms her doubt. She says that she began her career as a public defender and that all of her clients were women. Margaret wonders what kind of women she represented and Randolph says that they were “the kind that didn’t have any other choice.” Margaret asks if Randolph is trying to say that she did have a choice. Randolph invites Margaret to tell her own tale, reminding her that she asked for privacy. Margaret says that Hans used to beat her and their children and that he was a drunk and a philanderer. Randolph says that Margaret has moved up in the world. Margaret enquires if Randolph hates Nucky and Randolph admits that she likes him. Randolph says that her opinion of him does not matter and asks Margaret if she hates Nucky. Margaret pauses and Randolph asserts that her feelings for Nucky must be complicated. Margaret says that the truth is also complicated. Randolph says she would be interested in hearing what Margaret has to say and Margaret wonders if she would have to appear in court. Randolph admits that she will compel Margaret’s testimony irrespective of her co-operation. She explains that the nature of Margaret’s appearance is in her hands; she can be painted as a sympathetic hoodwinked helpless widow or as a shameless gold digger. Margaret asks if Randolph cares that neither is true and Randolph counters that it matters to her that Nucky go to jail, raising her voice. Randolph pauses, leans forwards and asks what Nucky has given Margaret besides money. Margaret says that Nucky has never been cruel to her. Randolph argues that he has been cruel enough to others and Margaret says that she has never seen it. Randolph states that Margaret knows his cruelty anyway. Margaret reminds Randolph of her children and Randolph asks if their wellbeing supersedes that of everyone else. Margaret says that Randolph would not have to ask that question if she had a family of her own. Randolph counters that if she had children she would not be able to bear knowing that she had bought their comfort with the blood of others because she would know they would find out for themselves eventually. She tells Margaret that would not be a happy day. Margaret wonders what Randolph expects to become of her family if she does as asked. Randolph assures her that she would never have to see Nucky again and asks her to set herself free. Margaret hesitates, pursing her lips.

Nucky pours bourbon from a decanter in his home office. He asks his attorney, Bill Fallon how you order someone to commit murder, dissembling the instances when he has done so and calling the idea ludicrous. Fallon agrees and says that he will take this position in court. Nucky wonders if the witnesses against him would follow his orders to their deaths and Fallon jokes that if they would his troubles would be over. The decanter is depleted and Nucky swears and calls for his assistant Eddie Kessler. Nucky asks why it is empty and Eddie says that someone drank the contents. Nucky warns him against wisecracking and orders him to fetch ice. Fallon says that they should talk about Nucky’s brother Eli Thompson, one of the witnesses against him, asking Nucky to speak with him. Nucky wonders how he will reach him in protective custody and Fallon suggests an approach through Eli’s lawyer. Nucky says that Eli is not the real problem and Fallon says that he has noticed the elephant in the room. Nucky confirms that he means Margaret. Fallon predicts that Margaret’s testimony could sink their case because the jury will give weight to her corroborating the stories of Eli and Halloran given that she is not directly involved. Nucky ignores the phone ringing as Fallon tells him that Margaret testifying would be catastrophic. Eddie announces that Chalky is calling.

Jimmy sits alone in the beach house he shared with Angela before her death. The house has been stripped of furniture and decorations. He smokes a cigarette and then goes to the window when he hears Nucky’s Rolls Royce pull up. He cocks a pistol and goes downstairs. Nucky calls out hello and Jimmy says his name. Nucky notes that the door was open and introduces Owen. Jimmy approaches Nucky and then tells Owen to wait outside. Owen does not move and Jimmy reassures him that he used to do his job. Owen counters that Jimmy is the reason that he is doing it now. Nucky nods to Owen who exits the house.

Nucky offers commiserations about Angela and Jimmy tells him that Manny Horvitz was responsible. Nucky claims not to have heard of Manny and Jimmy says that he used to work for Waxey Gordon and came to the house looking for Jimmy when he killed Angela. Nucky promises to let Jimmy know if he hears anything. Jimmy pours a drink and offers one to Nucky, who declines. Jimmy pours a dash of the liquor onto the floor and toasts to the lost before downing his drink. Jimmy announces The Commodore’s death and laments not killing him when he suggested betraying Nucky. Jimmy confesses that he has thought about killing The Commodore since his childhood and does not know what stopped him. Nucky reminds Jimmy that The Commodore was his father and offers that nothing looms larger. Jimmy recalls visiting The Commodore when he was expected to die before being diagnosed with arsenic poisoning. He says that The Commodore looked pathetic and afraid. He recalls that The Commodore said that he was a good son. Jimmy admits that this winded him. He says that he is aware that there is nothing he can say to repair their relationship but wonders if there is something he can do. Nucky asks him to tell the truth and Jimmy says that he was angry. Nucky asks what he was angry about, raising his voice. Jimmy summarises the causes as his identity, Nucky’s identity and his experiences during World War I. Jimmy brings up the assassination attempt against Nucky and says that he never meant for it to happen. Nucky asks why Jimmy allowed it to go ahead and Jimmy smiles ruefully before turning to the window. Nucky reminds Jimmy that he asked to talk and notes his sudden quiet. Jimmy says that Eli was responsible. Nucky asserts that Jimmy must have been involved. Jimmy offers to make things right, qualifying that he will make them as right as they can be. He asks Nucky to tell him how he can help.

Margaret knits a scarf in the servant’s quarters of her home. Nucky comes downstairs and wonders at the usefulness of the garment given the heat of the summer. Margaret says that it will soon be winter and Nucky asks to speak with her. She puts her craft aside and turns her attention to him. He gathers himself and then reminds her of their common upbringing as Catholics before noting their divergences in their approach to religion. Margaret says that Nucky has lost his faith. Nucky jokes that if God were real he would not have made him so ugly. Margaret cannot conceal a smile. Nucky admits the possibility of a deity but says that his relationship with the potential higher power does not need rules. Margaret wonders if Nucky’s god asks for nothing and he states his belief that it expects that he love, care for and protect his family. He claims that there is more god in his love for Margaret and the children than in all the churches in Rome. Nucky reassures Margaret that things will get better for them if they stick together. He says that he adores her and their family and that his entire universe is contained within the walls of their home. Margaret wonders what will happen if she believes him and he admits that he needs her to marry him to avoid testifying against him. She notes his use of need and he adds that he wants her to marry him. She wonders why he did not put it that way first and he says that he did not want to insult her by pretending that she would not be saving his life. He admits committing horrible misdeeds that he has justified to himself. He says he knows that was wrong and that irrespective of the presence of god no-one is sorrier than he is. The kettle begins to whistle as it boils on the hob. Nucky says that he is afraid of dying in jail. He says that he would never admit this fear to anyone but her. She turns off the burner and tells him that he is always surprising.

Jimmy and Gillian meet with Leander Cephas Whitlock in The Commodore’s study to discuss his estate. Jimmy notes that the death certificate records his death as an accident and Whitlock tells him that it was costly to get it to read this way. Gillian is surprised when Whitlock produces The Commodore’s will. Whitlock says that it was written in 1914 and has not been revised. The document leaves the bulk of his estate to Louanne Pratt, The Commodore’s former housemaid who was dismissed for trying to poison him with arsenic. Jimmy asks Whitlock what would happen if there was no will and learns that he would inherit the estate as the next of kin. Jimmy asks if it would pass from him to his son and Whitlock confirms this. Jimmy tears up the will and throws it on the ground. Langston announces that Jimmy’s guests have arrived. Gillian begins to give him advice and he cuts her off. She asserts that she has been trying to help him and he says that he knows.

Interim Atlantic County Treasurer Jim Neary, Alderman Al Boyd and chief clerk of the fourth ward Paddy Ryan file into the room as Gillian exits, helping themselves to drinks. Jimmy tells the politicians that with his father’s passing things have changed. Neary says that he has been discussing naming a street after The Commodore with Atlantic City Mayor Edward Bader and Boyd offers his condolences. Ryan adds condolences over Angela’s death and Jimmy responds with a strained thank you. Jimmy says that he has rethought their position regarding Nucky and Neary says that Nucky makes a joke at Nucky’s expense. Jimmy tells them that he is going after Eli and instructs them to alter their testimony accordingly. They are shocked, complaining about their efforts and their reputations. Jimmy tells them to consider where they will be if Nucky beats the charges against him. Neary says that Nucky is on the run; Ryan asserts that it is no time to lose confidence and Boyd asks for Whitlock’s opinion. Whitlock looks at Jimmy and says that he would advise them to stay the course. Neary tells Jimmy that he has been through a lot and Boyd urges him to take a holiday. Ryan says that they have come too far to turn back and Neary states that he is enjoying being treasurer.

Margaret awakens to the sound of Nucky and Teddy encouraging Emily to walk outside. She watches her daughter’s progress from the window. Later, Margaret approaches Nucky on the porch and asks him to come with her. The children are being entertained by Lillian behind him. He wonders where they are going and Margaret says that she is going to the church to confess and they can then be married by Father Brennan. Nucky stands and begins to thank her. Margaret interrupts him to tell the children that they will be back later and prompts them to say goodbye to their father. Inside the house Margaret calls for Katy to accompany them.

Randolph practices her opening statement while getting dressed in her hotel room as a montage of scenes unfolds. Margaret begins her confession. Randolph says that there will be many charges against Nucky including the murder of Hans. Jimmy and Harrow get out of their car outside the Atlantic County Municipal building as Randolph details Nucky’s corruption, violations of the Volstead Act and extortion of local businesses. Margaret exits the confessional and is met by Nucky and their witnesses, Owen and Katy. Randolph says that Nucky is ruthless and greedy. Brennan begins the marriage ceremony as Randolph says that she will show how Nucky has stolen from the city he is supposed to be representing. Randolph begins to speak of his corruption of the city council’s alderman as we see alderman Neary having intercourse with his secretary over his desk. Randolph says that Nucky and the alderman have plundered the citizens of the county and used the money to rig the 1920 election. She promises direct testimony from the aldermen including Neary. Jimmy and Harrow burst into Neary’s office interrupting his lovemaking. Jimmy tells the secretary to take a break and not to return. Randolph states that Nucky’s only loyalty is to himself as Brennan describes the sanctity of marriage. Randolph says that Nucky will order a murder as a normal person would a coffee. Margaret confirms her marriage vows. Jimmy dictates a statement to Neary implicating Eli in the election rigging as Harrow holds a gun to Neary’s head. Nucky makes his vows. Jimmy hands Neary a pen and orders him to sign the statement. Neary criticises them for making him sign a confession at gunpoint. Jimmy puts a hand on his shoulder and says that it is not just a confession. Harrow puts the pistol in Neary’s mouth and tells him that it also a suicide note before pulling the trigger. Brennan tells Nucky that he may kiss his bride. Randolph finishes the statement with the assertion that there is only one just verdict; guilty. Lathrop claps in the bed, his leg in plaster. A secretary screams as Neary’s body is discovered.

The judge bangs his gavel and calls for order at Nucky’s trial. Randolph complains to the judge about the disintegration of her case with the marriage of Nucky and Margaret, the apparent suicide of Neary and the recanting of testimony by other witnesses. Nucky sits quietly at the defendant’s table, Mayor Bader, Alderman Damien Fleming and Eddie are seated behind him. Randolph accuses Nucky of witness tampering and Fallon objects. Fallon characterises her case as unravelling and she says that the court knows what is really going on. Fallon suggests that she wait until she can prove it and the judge again calls for order before asking both counsels to approach. The judge tells Randolph that she has no chance of a murder conviction and says that she has lost her main witness on the election rigging charges. He offers her a chance to back out now, before jeopardy is attached to the charges, and get her “ducks in a row.” Fallon quotes the proverb “[She] who fights and runs away.” Randolph agrees to take the ducks. The judge announces that the defence motion for mistrial is granted and the courtroom erupts in noise.

Boyd and Ryan share a glance in the public gallery. Nucky stands and shakes Fallon’s hand. Eli’s lawyer Douglas Wallbridge proposes a motion for Eli to be released and the judge grants it. Eli sits unshaven next to Ray Halloran who is still recovering from the beating Eli arranged. Nucky stares across at his brother. Halloran’s lawyer dashes forward with an identical motion for his client. The judge reminds him that Halloran confessed to the murder of Hans Schroeder. The lawyer protests that they had a plea deal and the judge asks him to check the terms, which include a requirement for Nucky to stand trial before a jury on the charge. The judge remands Halloran to Leavenworth federal penitentiary and Halloran tries to protest, struggling to make himself heard through the wire work on his jaw. Eddie, Fleming and Bader surround Nucky as he exits the courtroom, shielding him from the throng of reporters.

Gillian lights a cigarette on the beach just outside of Atlantic City. Jimmy shows Tommy to a stand with ponies and encourages his son to befriend one of the animals. The wrangler brings Tommy a slice of apple to feed to the pony. Jimmy shows him how to hold his palm flat for the pony and watches as the mount takes it. He wonders if his son noticed how wet the pony’s mouth was and then encourages him to pet it. The wrangler notes that Tommy is a gentle little one. Jimmy tells Tommy that he used to bivouac on the beech alone in his childhood. Tommy asks if he can do the same and Jimmy says that he can. He lifts Tommy into the saddle and instructs him how to stay in the saddle. The wrangler brings two hats and asks if Tommy is a cowboy or a soldier. True to his roots Tommy selects the latter. The wrangler unties the animal and leads Tommy away, saying that Jimmy can pay him afterwards. Jimmy stares back at Gillian who waves back at him. He turns back to watch his son and lights a cigarette.

Nucky enters the bedroom of his home and is pleased to find Margaret awake. He tells her that he is drunk then realises that it was not the most romantic greeting. She says that honesty has its virtues. He explains that he has been celebrating with Fallon and she congratulates him on the mistrial, calling it a stroke of luck. He says that he knows what she is thinking. She wonders what that is and he expands that she must think he engineered the mistrial. He claims to have had nothing to do with Neary’s “suicide”. She says that she believes him. He continues anyway, saying that it did benefit him but that Neary was a very troubled man who knew that he was involved in something wrong. She folds her arms and he asks if he is to be held responsible for all the misfortune in the world. She reminds him that she has already said that she believes him. He asks if she has seen the evening paper, pointing out a story about congress being about to approve the road appropriations funding he had hoped for with 10 million going to New Jersey. Margaret says that it is a good day for the state and Nucky says it is good for them and that the land he bought will be worth a fortune. Margaret notes that he has already told her this. He asks her to sign the deed back to him as soon as she is able. She says that she will and calls her ownership safe keeping. Nucky wonders if they are going to return to sharing a bed and she says that it is fitting as they are married. Nucky suggests that Margaret could be right and that god may be giving him another chance.

Eli sits on his front porch drinking Maryland whiskey. His children play around him. He watches as Nucky’s Rolls Royce pulls up. Owen lets Nucky out of the car. As Nucky walks over to Eli he is greeted by Brian and says hello to Dermot. Eli offers Nucky a drink and Nucky says that it is a bit early in the day. Eli says that he was released under his own recognisance which means he can make his own rules as Nucky pours himself a glass. Behind Eli Patrick hold two of his sisters’ dolls out of their reach. Nucky sits down and Eli mentions the heat. Nucky mocks the small talk and reminds Eli that he tried to have him killed. Nucky quotes Julius Caesar “et tu [Eli]”. Eli does not understand and Nucky explains that it is from Shakespeare. Eli remains uncomprehending and asks if there was a character named Eli in the play. Eli lies that he was not involved in the assassination attempt. Nucky counters that Jimmy has said otherwise. Eli asks what Nucky expects and calls Jimmy a liar. Nucky asks Eli to at least be honest with him. Eli asserts his honesty and falsely claims that he tried to stop his partners. He says that they threatened his life and livelihood. He reminds Nucky that he came to him to beg forgiveness and that Nucky turned him away. Eli shouts at Patrick, warning him not to rip his pants. Nucky instructs Eli to plead guilty to the current charges. Eli protests and Nucky says that he has spoken with Attorney General Harry Daugherty who has assured him that Eli will be convicted to two years maximum. Nucky says that he will take care of Eli’s family. He warns Eli that he will not do better and reminds him that it could have been a lot worse. Eli tearfully nods his acceptance and sighs. The brothers share a drink.

Arnold Rothstein sits at his desk with several packets of heroin in front of him and Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky sat opposite. One is open showing the white powder it contains. Rothstein says that he had understood that it was brown and Lansky clarifies that there are several preparations. Luciano says that it should be gold and Lansky adds that once a customer has tried it they are addicted. Rothstein wonders who their supplier is and Luciano says that it is a Chinese downtown resident. Lansky explains that it is imported from the orient. Rothstein suggests that they set up their own import operation, concealing the heroin in shipments of Chinese lanterns. The phone rings once. Lansky is impressed by the suggestion of cutting out the middle man. Luciano lies that they came to Rothstein first.

Rothstein’s assistant enters and announces that Nucky is on the phone. Rothstein takes the call and congratulates Nucky on the mistrial. Rothstein says that it seems that Fallon earned his fee, Nucky jokes that Fallon must think that he did. Rothstein asks what he can do and Nucky says that he is calling about Manny. Nucky asks if Rothstein would mind if Manny were dead and Rothstein enquires why Nucky is asking. Nucky says that it is a courtesy because of their shared association with Waxey Gordon. Rothstein pointedly says the proposal aloud slowly and it is met with indifference from Luciano and Lansky. He then adds that he would have no opinion either way. Nucky says that he then has a decision to make. Rothstein recommends that he stage a coin toss and will know which side he desires when it is in the air. Nucky sighs after Rothstein hangs up.

A landlady shows Nelson Van Alden, his daughter Abigail and her nursemaid Sigrid into an apartment. She extols the virtues of the property including a greengrocers and the St. Mary of Częstochowa church nearby. The church bells can be heard outside. She says that Cicero is a quiet town for quiet people like most of the Midwest. Van Alden says that he is sure they will be happy there and she agrees. He takes out his wallet and gives her cash to cover the first two months rent. She welcomes them to Cicero, calling them Mr and Mrs Mueller. Sigrid looks down and then shares a smile with Van Alden.

Jimmy and Harrow share drinks and war stories in The Commodores home as Gillian plays with Tommy in the next room. Gillian relates that his squad mate Radcliffe amused them by altering the words to “Over There”. Richard says that when he was working as a solitary sniper for days on end he would return to the camp, find his brothers in arms joking and would feel at home. Jimmy says that none of them were meant to be there. Harrow says that they were anyway and then asks if they are really still there. Jimmy says that it is time to come home. Harrow asks how and Jimmy says that he does not know but asks Harrow to promise that he will try. The phone rings and Jimmy limps over to answer it, humming the tune to “Over There”. It is Nucky; he tells Jimmy that he has located Manny through Doyle and arranged to meet him in one hour at the war memorial. Jimmy says that he will be there. Harrow asks who it was, learns the details and offers to accompany Jimmy. Jimmy tells him that it will be OK. Harrow then offers to take care of it for Jimmy and Jimmy says that he must do it himself. The record stops playing and Jimmy rubs his jaw before striding out into the storm. Gillian hears the door close and asks Harrow if Jimmy has gone out. Harrow says that there was something he has to do and Gillian puts her hand to her mouth. She tells Tommy that it is time for bed and then notices that he is wearing Jimmy’s dog tags. Tommy says that they are used for identification and she confirms that he got them from Jimmy. Harrow swallows a surge of emotion and Gillian tucks the tags back into Tommy’s pyjamas. She tells her grandson that he will be a big man in the city one day, just like his father.

The rain lashes against the Atlantic City War Memorial, still under construction. Jimmy pulls up in front of the monument and Nucky and Owen get out of their vehicles to meet him. Owen is escorting Manny, whose wrists are seemingly bound together. Nucky greets Jimmy and Jimmy says nothing. Manny calls out that Jimmy can have his revenge as Eli sidle up behind Jimmy, shotgun in hand. Jimmy asks if that is what they are there for. Eli racks the gun and Jimmy turns around to look at him. Jimmy turns back to Nucky as Manny casts off the sham restraints. Owen walks over to frisk Jimmy and Eli calls out to check his boot. Jimmy says that he is unarmed and Owen confirms this. Jimmy tells Nucky that this is the only way they could have ended. Nucky disagrees, asserting that it was Jimmy’s choice. Jimmy shakes his head once and then says that he died in a trench, years back. He asks who is going to kill him. Nucky says that he will do it himself and draws a revolver from his jacket. He aims the weapon at Jimmy and Jimmy recounts his first kill. He says that he vomited for two days afterwards but did not even think about it the second time. Nucky calls him stupid and he urges Nucky to make himself calm. Nucky says that Jimmy had everything going for him and Jimmy urges him to breathe. Nucky straightens his arm and says that Jimmy had his whole life ahead of him. Jimmy says that Nucky will get through it and only needs to worry about running out of alcohol and company. Nucky’s hand shakes as Jimmy cautions him about being judged. Nucky fires, hitting Jimmy in the face and snapping his head back. Jimmy collapses backwards into the mud. Eli lowers his weapon and stares down at Jimmy. Jimmy splutters and coughs on the ground and Nucky steps alongside him. Jimmy bleeds from his right nostril, an entry wound below his left eye. Nucky says that Jimmy does not know him and never did. He aims the weapon again and says that he is not seeking forgiveness. He fires another shot into Jimmy’s head, killing him. Manny and Owen turn away as Nucky looks back at them, Eli holds his gaze and nods. The statue of a soldier stands over Jimmy’s corpse as the rain beats down on all of them.

Jimmy prepares to go over the top of his trench in an offensive against the German lines. He is surrounded by similarly ill fated soldiers. Artillery fire pounds down amongst them and a whistle blows to signal the attack. He climbs the trench ladder without looking back.

At Margaret’s home she tells her children that they needn’t be afraid of storms, characterising them as angels bowling in heaven. Katy serves the children breakfast. Nucky comes in and greets his family. He pours coffee and Margaret asks if he is not staying for breakfast. He says that he has an early meeting and she says that she worried about his late return the night before. She asks where he was and he avoids specifics. She wonders what he was doing amidst a rainstorm and he says that he ran into Jimmy. He claims that they cleared the air and that Jimmy is going to re-enlist in the army. Margaret says that she is surprised. He changes the topic to the weather, cooler since the storm. He kisses Emily and pats Teddy on the head as he leaves, saying that he will be home for dinner. Margaret retrieves the deed for the land he signed over to him and caresses the outline of the tract on a map.

Eddie drives Nucky out to a field where another cars is waiting for him. Mayor Bader jokes that they are in the middle of a highway. Ernie Moran pours champagne for them as Fleming pulls up behind him. Moran congratulates Nucky and they toast to their new riches. Fleming has another bottle of champagne and Bader commends his timing, saying that they were almost dry. Moran calls the tract the road to riches and Nucky says that he had considered calling it the Harding highway. Fleming says that it never hurts to remember your friends and opens his bottle.

Margaret writes her name on the deed, crossing out Schroeder and replacing it with her second married name. She then signs the land over to St. Finbar’s Church. She calls for Katy, telling her that she wants the deed to be delivered to Brennan.

Nucky toasts the future with his partners.