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Immediate vicinity of Toms River as shown in "Spaghetti and Coffee".

Toms River is a township in Ocean County, northern New Jersey. It had 2,198 inhabitants in 1920.


The origins and etymology of Toms River are disputed. Its foundation is officially dated in 1767 when a royal charter carved Dover Township out of Shrewsbury Township, NJ. The place saw action during the American War of Independence. In the 1920s Toms River tried unsuccessfully to separate from Dover Township.

Season 1[]

Billy Winslow is arrested for armed robbery of a jewellery store in Toms River in May 1920. Terrified of the prospect of going to jail and leaving his sick mother to fend for herself, he confesses to his role in the Hammonton hijacking five months earlier in exchange for a deal. The local law enforcement contacts the agent in charge of investigating the hijacking, Nelson Van Alden, who moves to Toms River, interrogates Winslow and then transports him back to Atlantic City. ("Home")