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Tutankhamen, born Tutankhamen, and also known as "King tut" or "The Boy King", is a historical figure mentioned in the Season 3 premiere of Boardwalk Empire, "Resolution". The 12th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, Tutankhamen became one of the most famous pharaohs when his intact burial chamber and its treasures were located by Howard Carter in November 26, 1922. His actual reign, however, was short and for the most part unremarkable.

Season 3[]

The recent discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb serves Margaret Thompson as motive for the upcoming New Year's Eve party in the Thompson family home on December 31, 1922. During it, guests Eddie Cantor and Billie Kent, both vaudeville performers, sing an anachronistic song about the discovery of King Tut tomb and his affair with Cleopatra. They also compare their host Nucky Thompson to the Boy King directly - while other guest, Gyp Rosetti, merely refers to him as "another mummy".

Near the end of the party, Nucky's personal servant Eddie Kessler enters the room dressed like Carter, and invites the guest to take "a piece of Tutankhamen's treasure": jewels with real diamonds and gold coins as gifts. ("Resolution")